Mike Knipstein
I have grown up in Williamson County EMS, working here 20 years. I started my career on our original inter-facility transfer truck. During that time, I have also been involved in our clinical education. I am an Austin Community College graduate from both the paramedic program and the registered nursing program. My dedication to growth took me back to school a few years ago to get a bachelors in business management. I’m blessed to be married to the best wife ever, Heather, and have three daughters.   

I believe in the customer. Everything we do in WCEMS should start with the customer, both internally and externally, in mind. We must focus on the customer. I am passionate about growth. I believe that we must be an organization that is growing; personally, professionally, operationally and from a clinical standpoint. Growth is not only in size or number. It means that we are learning and willing to change to do things more efficiently and more effectively. My involvement in our clinical education and operations has given me a passion for teamwork. As we work together we can do our best to serve our patients.

I’ve learned from my experiences in WCEMS. The care we provide has taught me that our role in the community does not end with responding quickly and taking people to the hospital. The service/care we provide does change people’s lives.

I am dedicated to doing things the most efficient and effective way. I believe my job is to help foster efficiency and effectiveness and to help coordinate the operational and clinical components to make that happen.

I am blessed to work with people who have the desire and ability to be the very best.