Williamson County Juvenile Services
Juvenile Services' Vision Statement

Making a difference in our community: creating opportunities for positive change through hope, empowerment, prevention and accountability.

Juvenile Services' Values Statement

Encouraging growth in each other and families we serve by identifying, acknowledging and building positive character qualities.

PREA Audit Notice

Williamson County Juvenile Services' audit has been postponed watch for updates on this site.

Williamson County Juvenile Services is PREA Compliant

On Thursday July 14th, 2016 Scott Matthew, Executive Director of Juvenile Services received the final compliance notice from the PREA Auditor Lisa Capers. This notice states that Williamson County Juvenile Services is fully compliant with the standards for the Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003. The standards were adopted in August of 2012. The final notice of compliance makes Williamson County Juvenile Services one of only 10 juvenile facilities in the state that are fully compliant to date. To read the full report, click on the link below.

PREA Audit Final Report

Williamson County Juvenile Criminal Referral Policy

"It is the policy of Williamson County Juvenile Services (WCJS) to take a proactive stance in planning for investigation of allegations of sexual abuse and sexual harassment. Further, WCJS will refer potentially criminal cases to the Williamson County Sheriff’s office for possible criminal investigation."

Related Policy

Reporting Sexual Abuse or Sexual Harassment

A third party including Parents and Legal Guardians may file a report of sexual abuse or sexual harassment by filing out a grievance form and turning it into to any staff member not mentioned in the grievance. select the link below to be directed to a grievance form that can be filled out online and printed, or downloaded and filled out by hand. A grievance form may also be obtained from a staff member upon request. When you have completed the form, please give it to any staff member for processing.

Grievance Form (Spanish)

For the purpose of protecting residents in danger of imminent threat of sexual abuse, WCJS established an "Emergency Grievance Procedure." This procedure is only used for reporting imminent threat of sexual abuse to a resident. To use this procedure, simply go to any staff member and state that you want to file an emergency grievance. The staff member will put you in touch with a supervisor who will take your information, document the threat, and elevate the grievance for processing. An initial decision will be made within 48 hours, and a final decision within 5 calendar days.

PREA Aggregate Data
Annual Review

Each year Juvenile Services will review the data collected throughout the year and analyze it it determine trends and identify changes or corrective actions necessary to ensure the safety of our clients. Click on the link below to see the latest review.

January 2019