Conflict of Interest Disclosure Search

Chapter 176 of the Texas Local Government Code pertains to conflict of interest disclosure reporting regarding businesses and gift giving relationships with officer(s) of local governmental entities and the officer’s family members.

Under this law, certain local government officers must complete a Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statement (Form CIS) and file it with the Purchasing Department.

Certain vendors and prospective vendors must also complete a Conflict of Interest Questionnaire (Form CIQ) and file it with the Purchasing Department.

Additionally, should an event occur that makes a statement in a vendor’s previously filed Form CIQ inaccurate or incomplete, then the vendor/prospective vendor must also file an updated Form CIQ.

Chapter 176 specifies deadlines for the filing of the Forms. The Texas Ethics Commission created Forms CIQ and CIS in compliance with Chapter 176. The CIS Form is for a local government officer. The CIQ Form is for a vendor and prospective vendor with the County. Each form may be accessed from this website as well as through the Texas Ethics Commission website.

It is the vendor’s sole responsibility to comply with the requirements of Chapter 176 of the Texas Local Government Code. Compliance with Texas Local Government Code Chapter 176 is the individual responsibility of each local government officer, person, business, and agent, as applicable. Chapter 176 provides that failure to comply with the reporting requirements is an offense. An offense under this chapter is:

(1) a Class C misdemeanor if the contract amount is less than $1 million or if there is no contract amount for the contract;

(2) a Class B misdemeanor if the contract amount is at least $1 million but less than $5 million; or

(3) a Class A misdemeanor if the contract amount is at least $5 million.

CIS form (To be completed by Government Officers)
CIQ form (To be completed by the Vendor)

The current Local Government Officers of Williamson County may be found below.


County Judge Bill Gravell

Commissioner Pct. 1 Terry Cook

Commissioner Pct. 2 Cynthia Long

Commissioner Pct. 3 Valerie Covey

Commissioner Pct. 4 Russ Boles

26th District Judge Donna King

277th District Judge Stacey Mathews

368th District Judge Sarah Bruchmiller

395th District Judge Ryan D. Larson

425th District Judge Betsy Lambeth

480th District Judge Scott Field

District Attorney Shawn Dick

County Court at Law One Judge Brandy Halford

County Court at Law Two Judge Laura Barker

County Court at Law Three Judge Doug Arnold

County Court at Law Four Judge John McMaster

County Court at Law Five Judge William Ward

County Attorney Dee Hobbs

District Clerk Lisa David

County Clerk Nancy Rister

Sheriff Mike Gleason

Tax Assessor-Collector Larry Gaddes

County Treasurer D. Scott Heselmeyer

Justice of the Peace Pct. 1 KT Musselman

Justice of the Peace Pct. 2 Angela Williams

Justice of the Peace Pct. 3 Evelyn McLean

Justice of the Peace Pct. 4 Rhonda Redden

Constable Pct. 1 Mickey Chance

Constable Pct. 2 Jeff Anderson

Constable Pct. 3 Matthew Lindemann

Constable Pct. 4 Paul Leal

County Auditor Julie Kiley

Sr. Director of Infrastructure Robert Daigh

County Engineer Adam Boatright

Director of Fleet Services Kevin Teller

Sr. Director of Facilities Dale Butler

Elections Administrator Christopher J. Davis

Sr. Director of Emergency Services Chris Connealy

Director of Communications Kate Wolf

Director of Emergency Management Michael Shoe

Director of EMS Mike Knipstein

Fire Marshal Hank Jones

Sr. Director of Parks Russell Fishbeck

Chief Information Officer Richard Semple

Director of Veterans Services Juan Amaya Jr.

Executive Director of Juvenile Services Scott Mathew

Director of Purchasing Joy Simonton

Budget Officer Ashlie Holladay

Sr. Director of Human Resources Rebecca Clemons 

Director of Communications & Media Relations Connie Odom

Disclosures by Fiscal Year
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Champion Site Prep 2-26-2017.pdf Download
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Falkenberg Construction 3-12-2018.pdf Download
First American Payment Systems 9-05-2017.pdf Download
Halff Associates 1-25-2018.pdf Download
Henry Schein Inc 4-5-2018.pdf Download
Joe Bland Construction 10-26-2017 .pdf Download
Kiser Arena Specialists 5-30-2018.pdf Download
L Wallace Construction 2-12-2018.pdf Download
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MAO Pharmacy 9-18-2017.pdf Download
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Medline 04-26-2018 .pdf Download
Midwest 4-27-2018.pdf Download
Midwest Verinary Supply 4-27-2018 .pdf Download
MMS 5-3-2018.pdf Download
P2 Emulsions 10-2-2017.pdf Download
Pape Dawson 12-13-2017.pdf Download
Patin Construction 11-13-2017.pdf Download
Quadmed 04-05-2018.pdf Download
RHB 7-10-2018.pdf Download
RHB Construction 5-2-2018.pdf Download
Santa Clara Construction 10-24-2017.pdf Download
Smith Contracting 10-26-2017.pdf Download
Smith Contracting 11-13-2017.pdf Download
Smith Contracting 11-15-2017 .pdf Download
Tyler Technologies 9-06-2017.pdf Download
United Healthcare 10-24-2017.pdf Download
Vulcan Construction 7-11-2018.pdf Download
Westar Construction 11-13-2017.pdf Download
Wright Asphalt 9-29-2017.pdf Download
A Greater Austin Development Co.pdf Download
Aaron Concrete Contractors, LP_.pdf Download
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Jordan Foster Construction LLC.pdf Download
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