Careers with Emergency Communications

Being an Emergency Communications Telecommunicator (Dispatcher) is a very challenging but rewarding career. Williamson County Emergency Communications strives to provide excellent customer service to those who depend on us. Our work environment is dynamic and ever changing. Our candidates do not need to have previous experience in the emergency communications field. All new employees complete a comprehensive academy before starting to work on the Communications floor. Please see the “Training” section for additional information.

Williamson County Emergency Communications offers a career ladder for all employees. This allows for each staff member to be compensated as they progress through training.

When recruitment is open, the process consists of an application, several assessments, extensive background check, interview, Communications Center observation, drug tests and a psychological evaluation.  We understand this is a rigorous process but we are here to help every step of the way.   Qualified applicants can expect an 8 week process from the time we close applications.  
All candidates are required to successfully pass all the requirements listed above.  Our staff deals with public safety sensitive data, candidates can be disqualified from employment consideration for the reasons listed here.
New Hire Academy

All new employees to Williamson County Emergency Communications must successfully complete an 8-12 week academy. During this time, we teach our employees the skills they will need to be successful in this profession.  This includes training on all of our computer systems, policies and procedures, geography and various other certification courses. It is during our academy that candidates will complete their TCOLE (Texas Commission on Law Enforcement) Basic Telecommunicator Course and will take the State Telecommunicator Licensing Exam. 

Upon successful completion of the academy, employees move to the Communications floor and are assigned a trainer to begin phone training. This process takes approx. 4-8 weeks. After the successful completion of phone training, the employee will continue on to a specific radio discipline. 

Williamson County Emergency Communications has high standards for our employees.  Employees can expect verbal and written exams, practical scenario based training and testing on a regular basis, during both training and continued employment. Failure to meet performance expectations will result in additional training and retesting. Continued failure to meet performance expectations can result in termination.  

Continuing Education
Williamson County Emergency Communications conducts quarterly in service training for all staff members.  These courses are in addition to practical educational scenarios and any “Just in Time” education that is needed for process changes etc.