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What do you need to know before applying

  • Position: Telecommunications Officer
  • Annual salary starts at $57,291 (before OT)
  • No experience required with paid training time during the academy
  • Online application and testing process
  • Questions? E-mail wcechiringteam@wilco.org

Working as a dispatcher for Williamson County, you can:

  • Serve your community
  • Learn new skills
  • Grow in your career

Find openings at www.wilco.org/jobs

Recruitment Flier for Emergency Communications information from the flier found above. Flier also shows images of employees at work.

Become a Williamson County Telecommunication Officer!

Have you thought about becoming a dispatcher with Williamson County 911 Communications? Now is your chance to become a first responder and join a great team while building a career in emergency communications! This position offers a fulfilling career path, competitive pay and great county benefits! 

Learn more about the position and apply by clicking on this link!

Careers with Emergency Communications

Being an Emergency Communications Telecommunicator (Dispatcher) is a very challenging but rewarding career. Williamson County Emergency Communications strives to provide excellent customer service to those who depend on us as our mission states below.

Our Mission: Proudly serving the people of Williamson County with respect, professionalism and excellence in service and care.

Image with the Emergency Communications Patch, Text: Top Tier for pay in Texas, No Experience Necessary, Paid Training, Excellent benefits and Retirement, Shifts - 15 days a month, paid time off. Visit our website to learn more! http://www.wilco.org/emergency-communications/career


When recruitment is open, the process consists of the following steps that can take approximately 5 months from start to finish. No experience is necessary to apply. See the below breakdown of the steps:

  • Applicant is required to submit an online application.
  • Applications are vetted for completeness, accuracy, and review of various qualifications.
  • Selected applicants are required to pass an online skills test.
  • Selected applicants are required to pass an online assessment test.
  • Selected applicants that passed both tests are required to complete and submit a Personal History Statement.
  • Selected applicants will be invited to participate in an interview.
  • Following the interviews, background investigations are completed. Only applicants with favorable background investigations will be allowed to move forward.
  • Top applicants are selected based on a combination of their test and interview scores. Those top applicants will be offered a conditional job offer.
  • Selected applicants that accepted the conditional job offer are sent for pre-employment screenings that include, but are not limited to, drug screening, psychological exam, and fingerprints.
  • Start Date!

All candidates are required to successfully pass all the requirements listed above.  Our staff handles public safety sensitive data and candidates will be disqualified from the application/employment process for the reasons listed here.

**In addition to the Williamson County Emergency Communications applicant process, you must meet the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) minimum qualifications for licensure. To view their requirements, visit their website

New Hire Academy

All new employees to Williamson County Emergency Communications (WCEC) must successfully complete an 8–12-week academy in our state-of-the-art simulation lab. During this time, we teach our employees the skills they will need to be successful in this profession. This includes, but are not limited to training on:

  • Technology related training
  • Solacom and Cisco phone systems
  • Standards and Guidelines
  • FEMA Incident Command & NIMS Courses
  • Police, Fire and Medical nature codes
  • Geography
  • CPR
  • County resources

It is during our academy that candidates will complete their TCOLE (Texas Commission on Law Enforcement) Basic Telecommunicator Course and will take the State Telecommunicator Licensing Exam. For a listing of requirements for this license visit this website .

Upon successful completion of the academy, employees move to the Communications floor and are assigned a trainer to begin training in the following areas:

  • Non-emergency phone training
  • 911 phone training
  • EMD (Emergency Medical Dispatch) credential training
  • EFD (Emergency Fire Dispatch) credential training
  • TLETS/NLETS and TCIC/NCIC training
  • EPD (Emergency Police Dispatch) credential training

Upon successful completion of all training phases and additional items, employees are merit eligible. (See our career ladder for details.) Merit is a court approved percentage or lump sum amount rewarding employees for going above and beyond. The amount and type of merit is determined by Williamson County Commissioners Court approval for each fiscal year.

Williamson County Emergency Communications has high standards for our employees. Employees can expect verbal and written exams, practical scenario-based training, and testing on a regular basis both during training and through continued employment.

Simulation Lab

Our state-of-the-art simulation lab was established in 2015 with four workstations and then remodeled in 2018 increasing the capacity to eight workstations and one instructor station. The simulation lab is built to mirror and support our communications floor. This layout allows for new hires to begin training using the same equipment, software and environment that they will experience working directly on the communications floor; nonetheless, within a training environment.

Our simulation lab in addition can be utilized by other agencies within Williamson County as a backup dispatch center during an emergent situation where evacuation of their own center occurred. The simulation lab can be used in this capacity utilizing live versions of the software applications needed by the agency.

Continuing Education

Williamson County Emergency Communications conducts quarterly in-service training for all staff members covering a topic or scenario where education and/or practical training is advantageous. This training is in addition to educational scenarios and any “Just in Time” education that is needed for process, program, or software changes.

Williamson County Emergency Communications prides themselves on providing continuing education and training to prepare each employee for advancement and specialization within the organization.