Civil Division

The Civil Division of the County Attorney’s Office handles a variety of civil matters, including, but not limited to:

  • Representation on assigned civil litigation involving Williamson County and defense of civil suits and claims against Williamson County or County officials
  • Advice and counsel on requests for legal opinions from elected County officials and other County officials, including employment-related and claim-related question
  • Mental health cases / matters
  • Misdemeanor bond forfeitures
  • Assertion of claims by the County on matters where the County is a claimant, such as contract claims
  • Defense and handling of personal injury and property damage claims against the County or County officials
  • Public Information Act requests
  • Utility right-of-way property damage claims
  • Open Meetings Act matters
  • Representation of State agencies in elder abuse and guardianship proceedings
Civil Division Staff

Ariane Flores
Civil Chief

[email protected]

Civil Prosecutors

Jessica Morrison
[email protected]

Allyssa Delgadillo
[email protected]

Civil Legal Assistants

Dianne Flores
Civil Legal Assistant
[email protected]
B.A. Sul Ross State University, 1994
Bilingual, Spanish
Kerstin Siptak
Executive Legal Assistant
[email protected]