Wilco Discovery Portal

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Discovery Guidelines

Account Creation

Please create an account prior to requesting discovery by clicking on the Wilco Discovery Portal Access link provided above.  If you require further assistance, refer to the Help Section of this page.  Please allow two business days for your account to be approved.  If you have additional questions, please contact the Williamson County Attorney's Office Evidence Division at 512-943-1111 or the Williamson County District Attorney's Office at 512-943-1234.

Items Subject to Limited Discovery

Evidence Constituting Child Pornography. The County Attorney’s Office will not provide copies of evidence described by §43.26(a)(1) and §43.261 Texas Penal Code. However, these items will be made reasonably available for inspection, viewing, and examination by the defendant, the defendant’s attorney, and defense expert witnesses.

Recorded Statements of Child Abuse Victim. The County Attorney’s Office will not provide copies of recorded statements of a child abuse victim, including recorded statements obtained by a Child Advocacy Center. However, these items will be made reasonably available for viewing by the defendant, the defendant’s attorney, and defense expert witnesses.

TDFPS Files. Discovery of files and records pertaining to investigations conducted by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services are subject to restrictions provided by §264.408 Texas Family Code.

Physical Evidence. All physical evidence held by the County Attorney’s Office or a law enforcement agency may be inspected in person by the defense attorney upon request. Appointments for viewing physical evidence must be made through the County Attorney’s Office and not through the law enforcement agency.

Items Not Subject to Discovery

Work Product. Documents, notes, and reports generated by the prosecutor and County Attorney investigators that constitute work product in the course of litigation are not subject to discovery.

NCIC/TCIC Printouts.   Copies of criminal history printouts are not authorized pursuant to DPS regulations, and such printouts will not be duplicated and disclosed without a Court order.NCIC/TCIC Printouts.   

Frequently Asked Questions

I am the defense attorney on a case and I have not received discovery for my client, how do I get access?

Defense attorneys will need an account on the Wilco Evidence Portal, once granted, they fill out a Discovery Request Form for each criminal transaction for each client. Once the case is filed, access to the case will be granted and an email will be sent to notify.

I am downloading a video from the evidence portal but after downloading, it reads that it is 0 bytes and will not open, how can I download the video?

To correctly download videos, do not open the video file, instead right click the file name and choose download from the right-click menu. Navigate to where your browser saves downloads to open the file from that location.

There is a document titled, New Case Request Form in the evidence portal for my client that I am unable to open, how do I view this document?

The New Case Request Form is not discoverable and although you can see it listed, it will not download or open in the viewer.

I received an email that I have access to a case but I do not see it in my portal account.

To see recently added access to a case, refresh your browser window or log out and log back in.

I am unable to recall my username/password to sign into the evidence portal, can you reset it?

To reset your password, please email evidence.lfdem@wilco.org with your full name and Bar Number asking for either your username, password or both.

The video I am trying to download is over 10GB and will not download, am I doing something wrong?

The evidence portal will only play videos that are less than 10GB in size. Any video that is larger will need to be burned to a physical disc or to a new, sealed in package USB flash-drive (supplied by defense attorney) and mailed.

There is an “.iso” file in the evidence portal, how do I download it?

Highlight the .iso file and choose download. Once downloaded, right-click the downloaded file choose “Open with”> Windows Explorer. A new Windows Explorer window will open displaying the medi Select the .exe file to open the player and select and drag the video files into the player as needed, or choose AutoPlay.exe if that is an option.