TxDMV eReminder for vehicle registration renewals

Texans can now sign up for eReminder to receive an e-mail when it’s time to renew their vehicle registration. Texans who sign will receive an e-mail three weeks before their vehicle registration sticker expires. Click eReminder to sign up. 


Registration Renewal

Your vehicle registration can be renewed using any of the following methods:

Register On-Line:
Your vehicle registration may be renewed 90 days before the expiration date, or up to six months after the expiration date, if you have not received a citation for expired registration by going to www.texas.gov with a credit card for a $3 processing fee. You may also update the address where your registration renewal is mailed by following the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles Change of Address Procedures.

In Person:
Williamson County residents may go into their local Williamson County tax offices which include Georgetown, Taylor, Round Rock or Cedar Park. Please bring the renewal notice (not required) current passing inspection report and current proof of insurance that meets the Texas requirements. In person transactions require government issued photo identification of the titled owner.

If the title owner is unable to come into the office and would like to send someone on their behalf, please bring the following items:

  • Limited POA- must be original with titled owner(s) original signature (faxed, scanned or emailed copies are not acceptable and must be signed in ink).
  • Copy of titled owner(s) government issued photo identification such as DL, ID, Passport
  • Copy of current proof of insurance on the vehicle
  • Copy of current passing inspection report
  • Appointed persons DL, ID, Passport

Additional Registration Renewal Locations:
Current month unexpired vehicle registration renewals can be renewed at AAA located at 13376 N Hwy 183 #108, Austin or AAA at 201 University Blvd., Round Rock, and at all Williamson County HEB Business Center. Current registration renewal notice, current vehicle inspection report and proof of Texas liability insurance required. Above locations cannot issue license plates.

If you are a Texas Military resident serving out of state, you may renew your registration online or designate a representative to register the vehicle for you by providing them a signed Power of Attorney form with original signature (faxed, scanned or emailed copies are not acceptable and must be signed in ink), a copy of your current Texas Liability insurance (if you have out of state insurance please provide proof that it meets the Texas requirements), and a copy of your driver's license. Your representative can renew your registration in person at a Williamson County Tax office location or by mail.

Non-residents serving in Texas are not required to register their vehicles in Texas.


Registration and License Plate Fees - Registration and license plate fees changed September 1, 2011. The registration fee change went into effect with August 2011 expiration.

Click here for the registration and title fee chart

Late Registration Fees
After your vehicle registration has expired, you have five business days to renew your registration without penalty. If you renew your vehicle's registration after it is due, you will have to disclose if anyone received a citation for driving that vehicle with an expired registration and whether or not the vehicle has been driven. Depending on the facts, registration may be issued for a 12 month period or a penalty of 20% in addition to the 12 month registration period will be charged. You may also contact our office for fees.

Title Transfer Fees

Title Fee

Gift Tax

Title Transfer Fee Penalties

You have 30 calendar days from the date of sale to title and register the vehicle to avoid paying a late transfer penalty. If you don't apply for a new title within 30 calendar days, you will automatically be charged a $25 penalty, plus another $25 for every month you're late up to a maximum of $250.

Sales Tax Fees

Motor Vehicle Sales Tax: 
1. Sales Tax is 6.25% of the Taxable value (Taxable value equals Purchase Price less any Trade In and/or Manufacturer's Rebate or the price you paid or consideration given for the vehicle). 

2. Amount of tax paid to another STATE (local taxes included are not considered for credit purposes) (include a copy of your PAID Tax Receipt IN YOUR NAME in order to receive proper sales tax credit). 

3. If your proof of sales tax paid in another state exceeds the sales tax amount calculated for the state of Texas, you owe no tax. 

4. New resident tax is $90.00. You may also need to provide sales tax verification if a vehicle has been previously registered and titled by you in another state. If you are transferring title into your name from a recent purchase you will pay Texas sales tax (6.25%) which replaces the new resident fee.

Sales Tax Fee Penalties
Vehicle transfers should take place within 30 calendar days of date of sale. After the 30th calendar day, an additional penalty fee will be added and will increase after 60 days. 

Please contact our office for additional information 512-943-1602. 

Acceptable methods of payment

  • cash
  • checks - must include driver's license number and day time phone number.
  • money orders
  • credit cards with a Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express logo along with the cardholders driver's license.  There is a 2.19% vendor convenience fee for all motor vehicles credit card transactions, with a minimum fee of $1.  The convenience fees associated with credit card transactions are passed along to credit card users and are not paid by the Williamson County budget. Payments made by check may be converted to an electronic funds transfer.