Why Use Our Services
Utilizing the services of the Constable's office has many advantages:
  • Experienced and knowledgeable support staff
  • First attempt within 24 hours
  • No hidden charges for research
  • Access to many skip trace records
  • Licensed Texas Peace Officers, bonded and trained, in uniform and marked patrol cars

Our current Civil Process Service (or Attempted Service) Fee Schedule appears below.

Please make checks payable to Williamson County, and mail directly to the Constable providing delivery of process.

Service Fees

Charged by the Constables and Sheriff of Williamson County
Effective January 1, 2023

Citation, Justice, County, District, Probate, Forcible Entry & Detainer (Including by Publication) $80.00
Subpoena (Civil) $80.00
Summons (Civil) $80.00
Writ of possession ‡ $200.00
Precept $150.00
Writ of Execution & Order of Sale ** $200.00
Turn over order ‡ $150.00
Posting Notice $30.00
Notice $80.00
Protective Order (charged to the respondent) $150.00
Writ of Attachment ‡ $200.00
Writ of Sequestration ‡ $200.00
Writ of Re-entry ‡ $200.00
Writ of Garnishment $150.00
Writ of Retrieval / Order of Retrieval ‡ $200.00
Distress Warrant $200.00
Tax Warrant $150.00
Injunction & Temporary Restraining Order ‡ $150.00
Interrogatories ‡ $150.00
Civil Show Cause & Notice of Hearing $150.00
Executing Bill of Sale / Deed $30.00
All other writs ‡ $200.00
Fingerprints $5.00
Accident Report $6.00
Character Letter $6.00
Alarms $25.00
Dangerous Dog Registration (annually) $150.00

** County commission due based on percent of monies collected: 10 percent up to and including $20,000 & 4 percent of amounts over $20,000

** Cancelation Fee $500.00 – Writ of Execution & Order of Sale (Excludes Tax Writs & Tax Foreclosure Order of Sale) with Judgment creditors direction to withhold or release levy, withhold collection, cancel, or recall without collection of judgment and cost shall include all cost incurred and cancelation fee.

‡ For Writs and Orders served which exceed two hours, an additional fee of $75/hour/deputy is required to perform service. If ordered by the court to transport to or from out of county Court of Jurisdiction, a fee per hour, per officer, plus mileage at IRS allowable rate, plus lodging costs.