Constable Precinct One - Civil Law Enforcement

The Constable’s Office is committed to serving all civil process that is received by Justice Courts, County Courts, and District Courts in an efficient and professional manner.   The manner of service can be anything from simply serving a person or entity with the process or taking specific action against a person or entity by order of a court with competent jurisdiction.

The Constable’s Office provides security services to the Williamson County Justice of the Peace, Pct 1.  The deputies assigned to the court have advanced training in courtroom and physical asset security and are committed to the safety and security of the employees and citizens.

Civil process includes but are not limited to:

Attachment Citations
Turnover Order Eviction Citations
Distress Warrants Garnishment
Execution Protective Order
Habeas Corpus Subpoena
Sequestration Summons
Restraining Orders Writs
Capias Order of Sales

Frequently Asked Questions

Civil Stand-By

It is common for police agencies to refer citizens involved in disputes to the Constable or Sheriff to assist with a civil stand-by.  However, it is important to note the policy of this Constable's office does not permit civil stand-by.

Per Tex. Prop. Code 24A.002

Writ of Re-Entry

If a landlord has locked a residential or commercial tenant out of leased premises in violation of Texas Property Code Section 92.0081 and 92.009 (residential) or Section 93.002 and 93.003 (commercial), the tenant may recover possession of the premises.

To determine venue for your case, refer to the Texas Property Code Section 92.009(b) if a residential tenancy, or Section 93.003(b) if a commercial tenancy.

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Writ of Retrieval

If a person is unable to enter a residence or former residence to retrieve property belonging to the person or the person's dependent because the current occupant is denying the person entry, the person may apply to the Justice Court for an order authorizing the person to enter the residence, accompanied by a peace officer, to retrieve specific items of persona property according to the Texas Property Code Section 24A.002.

The applicant, under oath must certify that the applicant or the applicant's minor dependent requires personal items located in the residence that are only of the following types:

  • medical records
  • medicine and medical supplies
  • clothing
  • childcare items
  • legal or financial documents
  • checks, bank cards or credit cards in the same name as the applicant
  • employment records; or
  • personal identification documents.

If the Judge grants the application, a bond will be set, a hearing date and time will be issued, and the occupant will be served by the Constable with notice of the hearing.

To determine venue for your case, refer to the Texas Property Code Section 24A.002.

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Writ of Possession

When a Writ of Possession has been received by the Constable's office, the following procedures will apply:

  1. The deputy assigned to the writ will place a 24-hour notice to vacate (RED TAG) on the front door of the premises.
  2. The deputy will then contact the Plaintiff/Plaintiff's representative to schedule a day and time to conduct the move out.
  3. Plaintiff/Plaintiff's representative is responsible for providing sufficient manpower and resources to remove the defendant's personal property in a timely manner.
  4. The defendant's personal property will be removed from the premises and placed at a nearby location. Deputies may help to determine the best place to move the personal property.
  5. No writ will be worked in inclement weather (RAIN, SLEET OR SNOW).