National County Government Month
April is National County Government Month. Throughout the month of April, Williamson County will be highlighting several of its departments to raise public awareness about the services they provide. This year, the National Association of Counties has chosen the theme "Counties THRIVE." The theme focuses on six areas that allow counties to best serve their residents.
Vulnerable Communities
Economic Opportunities

The Texas Association of Counties has put together several resources including explanations on how county government works and the duties of Texas County Officials. To read more on how county government works, click here.

The Texas Association of Counties also has videos explaining what the County Clerk does, how Texas got to 254 Counties, and the difference between City, State and County Government. To watch some of these informational videos, click here.

It's never too early to start learning about County Government and how it works. This educational activity book by the National Association of Counties and iCivics, introduces children to the role county government plays in their lives. 

NACO and iCivics also created a curriculum to teach students grades 6-12 about the functions of county government.  For educational games and activities, click here.
Counties THRIVE - Technology
Counties THRIVE - Readiness
Counties THRIVE - Vunerable
Counties THRIVE - Health
Counties THRIVE - Infrastructure