Texas Conservation Symposium
What: Texas Conservation Symposium
When: Thursday, January 7 and Friday, January 8, 2021
How: a hybrid Symposium, both available in-person and by remote video for both presenters and attendees
Where: in-person - Williamson County Annex, 100 Wilco Way, Georgetown, Texas; virtually - log-in/join instructions to be sent out approximately 20 days in advance, likely using the Cisco WebX platform

Who: All person interested and involved in conservation efforts, endangered and threatened species, environmental dynamics, the regulatory atmosphere and habitat and natural and open space areas.

  • For in-person attendance, parking is available around the building at 100 Wilco Way.
  • In-person attendance will follow state and local gathering guidelines in place as of the meeting date.

Southwestern University and the Williamson County Conservation Foundation has set Thursday,

January 7 and Friday, January 8 for the 7th Annual Symposium on Texas Conservation Issues.  The program scope will include species of direct concern to central Texas, species and related issues and proximate interest, research and related developments affecting conservation generally and in Texas and especially local concerns.  Notable topics include biology, ecology, statistical analysis, geology/hydrology, climatology and the regulatory/governmental climate.

If you have not presented before, please know that full A/V capability is available and that will include remote presentation technology.

Dr. James L. Christensen, Professor Emeritus, Drake University, and Dr. Ben A. Pierce, Professor and holder of the Lillian Nelson Pratt Chair, Southwestern University, will be coordinating papers and presentations. Their email addresses may be found at the symposium website noted above.

Consider this also a request and reminder for submitting papers, abstracts or drafts. Many of you have already received a separate call for papers/presentations by way of an earlier email from Dr. Pierce.

Student presentations: Again this year both undergraduate and graduate level classifications will be eligible for cash awards. Of special note is that several prior Texas conservation symposium award winners have gone on to positions in the private sector and in academe, some with contacts made through Texas conservation symposium leading directly to interviews. Student awards (both classifications) for 2021 will be $200 for first place, $100 for second place and $50 for third place.


In past years the Symposium sponsors have provided arrangements for refreshments and Friday's lunch and sponsorship for a Thursday reception/happy hour. Due to current unusual circumstances we are still working through details to make available as much of that as possible. We'll be keeping you informed about these arrangements.