O'Connor Signals
Location: O’Connor Drive at Morgan Hill Trail, Great Oaks Drive, and Liberty Walk
Description:    Williamson County constructed traffic signals at Liberty Walk, Great Oaks Drive, and Morgan Hill Trail to help address increased vehicle and pedestrian traffic in the area, which has created safety concerns. This increase in traffic is due to the rapidly growing County, which was identified in 2019 as the 9th fastest growing large-county nationwide. In addition to the new traffic signals, Pocono Drive has changed from a four-way stop to a two-way stop to best accommodate the traffic flow from the new signals.   

As of January 2022, all traffic signal work has been completed, including installation of poles, mast arms, signal heads, luminaires, pedestrian heads, pedestrian push buttons, electrical services, controller cabinets, backup battery cabinets and cameras. The signals are currently activated at all three intersections and fully functioning.

Contact: Email roads@wilco.org or phone 512-943-1195
Project Map
O'Connor Signals Map