What documents and fees are required to register a vehicle new to Texas and get a Texas driver's license?

Assuming the person registering the vehicle is new to the state and the vehicle is titled in their name in the previous state, then follow the GENERAL steps listed under "New to Texas".

How can I get a handicap parking placard?

For information on Disabled Parking Placards, click here to visit Texas Department of Motor Vehicles website for information.

I didn't get my registration renewal notice, what do I do?

If your plates are damaged or you are only missing one plate, the titled owner should bring in the remaining plate, the registration sticker that is currently on the vehicle, driver's license and the last registration receipt. Also you will need to complete the Application for Replacement License Plate (s) and/or Vehicle Registration Sticker (VTR-60) and pay a small fee.

Can I renew registration online?

Yes, if your renewal is for this month or next month, access www.texasonline.com. You must have a major credit card and you will reference your driver's license and proof of insurance to use the online service. The service provider charges $3 to use a credit card.

How do I replace a windshield validation sticker?

The titled owner should bring the damaged sticker (not applicable if the sticker was lost), the last registration receipt, driver's license and complete the the Application for Replacement Plate or Sticker (VTR-60) and there will be a small fee. If you are not the vehicle owner you will also need a letter of authorization with the original signature of the title owner. The authorization letter should include the owners name and who they are given permission to; along with the vehicle information such as: year, make, model, vin and plate number.

What does "Registration Purposes Only" mean? What are the circumstances for this type of transaction?

"Registration Purposes Only": means that the vehicle is registered, but not titled, in Texas. This type of ownership document may be requested when a vehicle that was registered or titled in another state is subject to registration in Texas but the owner or operator cannot or does not wish to surrender the negotiable out-of-state evidence of ownership in order to obtain a Texas negotiable title.

Why didn't you send me a renewal notice?

Vehicle renewal notices are mailed from the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles about 30 days before the month of expiration. Some of the reasons people may not receive a renewal notice include change of address and change in vehicle ownership.

Is the information you have on my registration record private?

The Federal Driver Privacy Protection Act prohibits release of personal information from vehicle records.