O'Connor Signals
Location: O’Connor Drive at Morgan Hill Trail, Great Oaks Drive, and Liberty Walk
Description:    Williamson County is constructing new traffic signals at Liberty Walk, Great Oaks Drive, and Morgan Hill Trail to help with increased vehicle and pedestrian traffic in the area, which has created safety concerns. This increase in traffic is due to the rapidly growing County, which was identified in 2019 as the 9th fastest growing large-county nationwide. In addition to the new traffic signals, Pocono Drive will change from a four-way stop to a two-way stop to best accommodate the traffic flow from the new signals. 

Williamson County has scheduled the traffic signal activation for signals on O’Connor Drive at Morgan Hill Trail, Great Oaks Drive and Liberty Walk for Monday, Nov. 8. Due to the weather, the signal activation was moved to allow the contractor time to complete all the striping, striping removal, and signal programming that is necessary to activate the signals. The stop signs on O’Connor will be removed and O’Connor traffic will no longer be required to stop at Pocono Drive.  Pocono Drive traffic will still have to stop.  This will be implemented on Nov. 8 as well. View project FAQs. 

Contact: Email [email protected] or phone 512-943-1195
Project Map
O'Connor Signals Map