Builders - How to Apply for OSSF

Helpful Information:

  • It is recommended that a pre-construction planning meeting is held.
    During the planning meeting, permitting, separate plumbing requirements, licensed professionals required for OSSF, water reuse permits, industrial-strength waste, irrigation systems, protection for sewer lines in parking areas, and other common pitfalls are discussed. Contact us at 512.943.3330 to schedule a meeting.
  • To help builders navigate through the permitting agencies, a Commercial Contacts document is provided.
  • Commercial systems will have other permit requirements that may delay the application. For example, if within the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone, an authorization to construct the OSSF can’t be granted until the owner has an approved Edwards Aquifer Protection Plan with the TCEQ.
  • If the site is within an ETJ, or the city limits of a jurisdiction, there may be additional platting requirements. For example, the City of Georgetown and City of Taylor require all newly created lots less than five acres to go through a platting process.

How to Apply Online:
In an effort to provide better communication, document management, and project tracking, Williamson County is now accepting and processing OSSF Applications through www.mygovernmentonline.org. Our office is no longer accepting email or paper applications.

As part of your design services,

  • Please see the attached brochure explaining how to use the My Government Online program to submit applications online. If the applicant does not have a computer at home, Williamson County is providing a computer and scanner in the lobby of the Department of Infrastructure office at 3151 SE Inner Loop, Georgetown, TX 78626. The applicant may pay the fees online, by credit card over the phone, by check, or exact cash.
  • Please emphasize that the designer’s name and contact information including phone number and email must be included in the online design application. The builder may connect and upload documents / respond to comments directly through the www.mygovernmentonline.org portal if the applicant includes the builder's phone number and clicks the notify box. When the applicant includes the phone number the program is designed to connect the builder to the applicant. 
  • The following documents must be uploaded at the time of application:
    1. A one to two-page digital scaled site plan showing the buildings, property lines, wells, and OSSF along with other relevant design information.
    2. A soils report
    3. A full design plan including the soil report and site plan for design review.

The customer will need all three of these digital documents in digital form to apply online.

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