Streets to be Resurfaced Next

The 2022-2023 Neighborhood Street Resurfacing Program will begin in early spring. Road and Bridge will notify residents of the work in advance by door hangers, flashing message signs or static message signs. When this occurs, please monitor the section below for an updated list of streets to be resurfaced the next two to three days.


The following streets are scheduled to be resurfaced next:

 Resurfacing Date





   Updated  12/8/2022

On your resurfacing day

To help us provide a quality product, please do not park vehicles on the street between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm and do not run your sprinklers on your designated resurfacing day.

For seal coat, please drive slowly for a couple of weeks while the asphalt cures.

For fog seal, please and do not drive on the new surface for approximately 2-3 hours after it is applied. Temperature, humidity and cloud cover may increase curing time.   

The Williamson County Road and Bridge Department will notify residents in advance of the work by door hangers, flashing message signs, or static message signs. If your subdivision is receiving door hangers, you can expect to receive a green door hanger approximately 2 weeks in advance of the work and an orange door hanger approximately 2-3 days in advance. If your subdivision is receiving a flashing message board, the message board will be placed approximately a week in advance of the work. After receiving advance notification, please check this page to see if your street is scheduled for the next two days of work.

2022-2023 Tentative Resurfacing Schedule

Below is the tentative 2022-2023 Neighborhood Street Resurfacing Program Schedule. Click here to see if your street will be resurfaced in the next two days.

The full Resurfacing Program Schedule is currently being developed and will be posted as it becomes available.


             Seal Coat

             Fog Seal

               (Cul-de-sacs only)

Tonkawa Village Early Spring
Tonkawa Springs Early Spring Fall 
Great Oaks Early Spring Fall 
Hidden Trails Early Spring Fall 
Brushy Creek Mid Spring Fall 
Oak Brook Mid Spring Fall 
Brushy Creek Village Mid Spring Fall 
Meadows of Brushy Creek Mid Spring Fall 
Woods of Brushy Creek Late Spring Fall 
Forest North Mid Summer Fall 
Anderson Mill Village South Mid Summer Fall 
Timberwood Mid Summer Fall 
Jolly Oaks Mid Summer Fall 
Village Oaks Mid Summer Fall 
Teravista Mid Summer Fall 
Sweet Farms Mid Summer Fall 
Olde Oak Estates Late Summer Fall 
Clearview Estates Late Summer Fall 

Updated: 1/26/2023