Great Oaks Drive Bridge at Brushy Creek
Location Intersection of Great Oaks Drive and Brushy Creek
Description   Bridge replacement over Brushy Creek on Great Oaks Drive. This project also will improve the intersection of Great Oaks Drive and Brushy Creek Road / Hairy Man Road. Improvements will include intersection improvements, removal of the existing bridge, a new 4-lane bridge, dedicated left turn lanes in all directions, dedicated right turn lanes for traffic moving northbound to eastbound and eastbound to southbound, and shared thru-right lanes for traffic moving westbound to northbound and southbound to westbound. This project will include additional parking and will also modify the trail to provide a safe passageway under the roadway.

The Brushy Creek MUD waterline work is complete. The Fern Bluff MUD waterline connection date has yet to be scheduled. The Brushy Creek Regional Trail has been re-opened for bicycle and pedestrian traffic. Construction of the bridge is expected to begin in spring 2021, pending utility relocation, and wrap-up mid-2022.


Email [email protected] or phone 512-943-1195

For more information on the The Hairy Man Road / Brushy Creek Road project, go to the project page.

Project Map
Great Oaks Drive Bridge