Duties of the Court

The State of Texas sets the duties of the Commissioners Court. The general duties of Commissioners Court are as follows

  • Establish a courthouse and jail
  • Build roads and bridges
  • Assure the safe-keeping of land and citizen records
  • Let contracts in the name of the County
  • Provide law enforcement through the County sheriff
  • Administer the County's public welfare services
  • Administer the County's public health services
  • Perform numerous duties in regard to elections
  • Operate County parks
  • Appoint numerous officials
  • Set the County tax rate
  • Issue bonds
  • Adopt the County budget
Appointments to Boards and Organizations
County Budget

The Commissioners Court is responsible for adopting the County budget and setting the tax rate.The County's fiscal year is Oct. 1st to Sept. 30th of each year. Each summer the Commissioners set the budget for the coming fiscal year. The County Budget Officer prepares a recommended budget for the court. A series of workshops are held in July for the County elected officials and department heads to review their recommended budget with the court. In addition, the court is required to hold a public hearing if the proposed tax rate will be increased more than 3%. The final budget is usually adopted by the end of August each year. The Commissioners Court also sets the tax rate at this time. Contact the County Budget Officer at (512) 943-1551 or e-mail us at akoenig@wilco.org with any questions about the budget process.

County Budget Information

Williamson County Historical Commission Appointments

Williamson County currently has openings for membership in the Williamson County Historical Commission (WCHC). The WCHC is designated to coordinate and supervise historic preservation under the direction of the Williamson County Commissioners Court. The purpose of the WCHC is to preserve, protect, and promote history within the county. The WCHC is composed of at least seven Williamson County residents who have demonstrated an interest in the preservation of Williamson County’s historical heritage and preferably live in Williamson County. Members serve for two-year terms and meet no less than six times per year. The by-laws for the organization can be found here. Applications can be found here. Please send completed applications to your precinct commissioner. Addresses and phone numbers for commissioner’s offices can be found above.