Residential Owners - How to Apply for OSSF

Helpful Information:

  • For concerns about the permit process or other difficulties, a pre-construction planning meeting is available. Contact us at 512.943.3330 to schedule a meeting.

How to Apply Online:
In an effort to provide better communication, document management, and project tracking, Williamson County is now accepting and processing OSSF Applications through www.mygovernmentonline.org. Our office is no longer accepting email or paper applications.

  • Please see the attached brochure explaining how to use the My Government Online program to submit applications online. If the applicant does not have a computer at home, Williamson County is providing a computer and scanner in the lobby of the Department of Infrastructure office at 3151 SE Inner Loop, Georgetown, TX 78626. The applicant may pay the fees online, by credit card over the phone, by check, or exact cash.
  • The following documents must be uploaded at the time of application:
    1. A one to two-page digital scaled site plan showing the buildings, property lines, wells, and OSSF along with other relevant design information.
    2. A soils report
    3. A full design plan including the soil report and site plan for design review.

Note: Owners can also arrange for another person to apply on their behalf by completing the Owner Authorization Letter document for their representative to apply.


  • Homeowners installing their own systems for personally occupied residences will need to submit a written request to install their own system. Owners will be approved in writing and will be given a written inspection schedule. Inspectors will call the owner and discuss inspection requirements. Once approved owners will be able to call in for inspections. If you are concerned about common installation mistakes, see common site evaluation and construction omissions.