Budget Overview

The stewardship of public funds is one of the greatest responsibilities of the Commissioners Court.  Therefore, the establishment and maintenance of budget policy is critical to ensure County officials protect public interests and promote citizens’ confidence in County government.

You can find the 8/2/22 Budget Presentation to Commissioners Court here.
You can find the 8/3/21 Effective Tax Rate Presentation to Commissioners Court here.
You can find the 8/2/22 Revenue Estimates Presentation

2021/2022 Budget
Fund Description Recommended
0100 General Fund $243,337,737 $254,350,710
0200 Road & Bridge Fund $44,298,593 $47,210,640
0600 Debt Service Countywide $152,869,074 $152,45,1260
Annual Budget

A copy of the operating budget is available for viewing during normal business hours in the office of the County Clerk. Please feel free to e-mail Ashlie Holladay Budget Officer or call (512) 943-1551 with any questions you may have regarding budgets.

The Annual COUNTY BUDGET ORDER in Adobe Acrobat format please see the following link to obtain the most recent copy of Adobe Reader.

The Budget Office submits a Budget Document annually to the GFOA. The document for Fiscal Year 2021-22 is available here.

This budget will raise more revenue from property taxes than last year's budget by an amount of $35,702,003, which is a 9.5% percent increase from last year's budget. The property tax revenue to be raised from new property added to the tax roll this year is $21,548,467.

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