Purchasing Teams

The Williamson County Purchasing Department is comprised of three teams who specialize in certain areas of procurement and contracting. This allows end-users easier access to resources based upon individual need. The department also transitions into an Emergency Purchasing Team during and emergency or natural disaster.

The Support Services Team services designated end-user departments with primary need for Goods and Services Procurement to include the development and award of Bids and Proposals, procurement involving Cooperatives, Sole Source, Professional Services (non-Construction), Technology Projects, and managing programs involving County Assets.

The Project Services Team services end-user departments with primary need for Construction Projects to include Bids, Proposals, Professional Services for Construction, procurement involving Cooperatives, Sole Source, Benefits and Risk Management, and purchases for Emergency Management.

The Contracts and Programs Team provides support to Departments and both Projects and Support Teams by tracking contracts for expiration, renewals, maintaining contract files after award or approval, processing Amendments, tracking vendor performance, P-Card administration, managing copy machines, Amazon, and Office Depot Business Accounts, and supporting the Purchasing Department with other administrative functions.

Emergency Purchasing Response Team is a designated group of four individuals who transition to this role at a moment’s notice to support any emergency purchasing requests from the Emergency Operations Center. This team remains on-call until the emergency is declared over.

Purchasing Staff
Purchasing Agent
Joy Simonton, MPA, CPPO, CPPB Purchasing Agent/Director 512-943-1555  [email protected]
Kerstin Hancock, NIGP-CPP, CPPB, CPPM, CPP, CPC Deputy Purchasing Agent 512-943-1546 [email protected]
Project Services
Johnny Grimaldo, NIGP-CPP, CPPB, CPC Purchasing Manager Projects 512-943-1553 [email protected]
Gretchen Glenn Senior Purchasing Specialist (IFB’s/RFPs/Contracts) 512-943-1692 [email protected]
Stephanie Robles Purchasing Specialist (IFB’s/RFPs/Contracts/POs) 512-943-1358 [email protected]
Support Services
Brenda Fuller, CPPB, CPCP Purchasing Manager Support Services 512-943-1607 [email protected]
Mary Watson Senior Purchasing Specialist (RFPs/IFBs/Contracts) 512-943-1620 [email protected]
Koren Shannon Purchasing Specialist (Front Desk/IFBs/RFPs/POs/Contracts) 512-943-1554 [email protected]
Misty Brooks Purchasing Specialist (Assets/IFBs/RFPs/POs/Contracts) 512-943-1492 [email protected]
Contracts and Programs
Kim Chappius Senior Contract Specialist (Contract Renewals/Addenda/Amendments/P-Card Admin) 512-943-1478 [email protected]
Andy Portillo,CPC Contract Specialist (Contract Renewals/Addenda/Amendments/P-Card Admin) 512-943-3860 [email protected]