Shopmade/Homemade Trailers

All shopmade/homemade and farm trailers must have an identification number assigned. Please print our information guide for homemade trailers. Requirements may vary based on transaction.

Click here for the trailer guide.

Exemption for Motor Vehicles Sales Tax

Beginning January 1, 2012, a person claiming an exemption from motor vehicle sales tax and limited sales tax on the purchase of certain items used in the production of agricultural and timber products will be required to have a Texas Agriculture and Timber Exemption Registration Number (Ag/Timber Number). This will not be their social security number. Farmers can apply for their 11 digit farm registration number at:

Apply or obtain copy of AG/Timber permit

​Farm License Plates

Effective September 1, 2013, an application for farm license plates, renewal of existing farm license plates, and application for excess weight permits for farm motor vehicles, trailers, and semitrailers requires the applicant to present proof of a Texas Agricultural and Timber Exemption Registration Number.

Apply or obtain copy of AG/Timber permit

Additional Information

Texas Department of Motor Vehicles Trailer Information
If you need law enforcement to inspect your trailer VIN and/or issue a 68A form, click here to schedule an appointment.  

For information regarding required documentation, fees and trailers with a gross weight exceeding 4,000 pounds, contact our office at 512-943-1601. 

All transactions require original signed documents. Faxed, scanned or emailed copies are not acceptable and signatures must be in ink. Information is  based on actual owner transactions.