Hot Checks Division

 405 MLK St Georgetown, TX 78628 
Hot Checks Main Line: (512) 943-1639

The Hot Checks Division of the Williamson County Attorney’s Office can act as a clearinghouse for merchants and citizens to report offenders who write worthless checks.  Our office may prosecute writers of hot checks up to $2,500 as misdemeanor crimes and attempt to collect restitution for victims of hot check writers.  Hot checks in amounts more than $2,500 may be prosecuted as felony crimes by the District Attorney’s Office and must be investigated by the appropriate law enforcement agency.

Hot Check Value Ladder
Class C Misdemeanor <$100
Class B Misdemeanor ≥$100 < $750
Class A Misdemeanor ≥$750 < $2,500
State Jail Felony ≥$2,500 < $30,000
Third Degree Felony ≥$30,000 < $150,000
Second Degree Felony ≥$150,000 < $300,000
First Degree Felony ≥$300,000

Filing a Check

To file a misdemeanor check for collection and/or prosecution by our office, follow these steps:

  1. NSF Check
  • Send a demand letter demanding full payment within 10 days. A sample demand letter can be found under the Forms & Docs section on our front page here
  • If unclaimed, wait 10 days to file your check
  • If claimed, wait 10 days after date signed
  1. Account Closed
  • No notice is required
  1. Filing Forms and Affidavit
  • The Merchant Hot Check Affidavit can be found under the Forms & Docs section on our front page here
  • Fill the form out completely and accurately
  • It will be necessary for you to provide specific identification of the check writer, such as date of birth, and driver's license/ID card number
    Note: without this information, we cannot issue a warrant for the arrest of the hot check writer
  • The information must be LEGIBLE.  The PDF form can be filled out in your web browser and printed, or you may simply print out the blank form and fill it in by hand
  • The Affidavit form must be notarized and can be mailed.  Due to the notary requirement, electronic submission is not permitted
  • The bank substitute legal copy of the check must accompany the Affidavit.  Make a copy for your records

The County Attorney’s Office cannot accept the following kinds of checks for prosecution:

  • Post-dated or “hold” checks
  • Checks presented outside Williamson County or for services performed outside Williamson County
  • A check given as a substitute for another
  • Checks altered or forged
  • Checks given to pay a pre-existing debt
  • Checks given as an extension of credit
  • Rent checks.  This is a civil matter that is handled by the Justice of the Peace
  • Payroll checks
  • Two-party checks
  • Note: a check not presented to the bank within 30 days, or that is lacking identifying information such as a driver’s license cannot be prosecuted

Be suspicious of:

  • Temporary or starter checks
  • Temporary, expired, or out-of-state driver’s licenses
  • Anyone who cannot produce a driver’s license or valid Texas ID
  • Any variation between the information on the check, the ID produced, and/or the check writer
Check Writer Section
Contact the Hot Check Division immediately to arrange to pay off the checks, merchant’s fee, and the County Attorney’s fee. You can pay by mail with a money order or cashier’s check, and if paying in person, you may pay in cash. You may also make payment over the phone via Visa, MasterCard, or Discover. An additional 2.19% processing free will be charged on a credit card transaction. As you would expect, the Hot Check Division does not accept personal checks for payment.  Do not make restitution to the merchant directly; restitution is to be paid through the County Attorney’s Office which will then be remitted to the merchant.