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Message may include content such as incident-specific information, recommended protective actions or response directives. They can be delivered to various devices that accept voice, email or SMS text content and to alpha or numeric pagers.

The message sender identifies recipients, develops the message and determines which types of devices receive the message. Regional partners that use RNS can send voice messages to landline phones using CAPCOG's 9-1-1 database. However, residents and visitors to the CAPCOG region must register their cell phone numbers and email addresses to receive notifications on mobile devices or computers.

In addition to alerts sent by local jurisdictions, residents may choose to receive automated warnings - tornado, severe thunderstorm, or flash flood, for example - from the National Weather Service. -WarnCentrealTexas.org, February2, 2021

Williamson County Office of Emergency Management (OEM) provides for the safety of Williamson County residents through emergency preparedness and response. OEM serves as the coordinating point for disaster preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery capabilities for Williamson County in cooperation with the County's municipal governments, Emergency Service Districts, and nonprofit and volunteer first response organizations.

Williamson County uses the CAPCOG Regional Notification System to notify residents about specific emergencies. Cell phone users must register at WarnCentralTexas.org to receive the notification system's messages by phone, email and text. Countywide major emergency information is posted on Facebook www.facebook.com/preparingwilco and on Twitter at www.twitter.com/preparingwilco.

These accounts are monitored weekdays during office hours; however, if you require emergency assistance, call 911. Do no post emegency requests or send emergency messages to the County social media accounts. -WarnCentralTexas.org, February 2, 2021

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