GIS Contact Information

Several County departments create maps and GIS data. The management of the GIS databases and general mapping is done by the GIS Division in Information Technology Services.

Each department is in charge of their data, maps, and processes. If you have a general question or are not sure who to call, please get in touch with the GIS Director or send an email to gis@wilco.org (this email will reach several staff). In addition, please see the links page for other entities' GIS information and contacts. For more specific County information, please see the contact list below.

If you need to obtain an address (to get telephone service, utility hook ups etc.) please contact the Addressing Staff.

Your contact options are:
Web: Request Page (you may still need to speak with staff)

Email: addressing@wilco.org
Phone: (512) 943-3707
Office: 301 SE Inner Loop, Georgetown, Suite 107
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General GIS Information / Administration

All offices found in:
Williamson County
301 SE Inner Loop
Georgetown, Tx 78626

George Strebel
GIS Manager
Suite 107
Office: 512-943-1474
Fax: 512-943-3737

Chris Likon
Public Safety GIS Analyst
Suite 107
Office: 512-943-1483
Fax: 512-943-3737

Trevor Barrington
GIS Analyst
Suite 107
Office: 512-943-3387
Fax: 512-943-3737

Addresses, Road Names, Subdivision Plats, Cities

Teresa Baker
Addressing Coordinator
Suite 107
Office: 512-943-3707
Fax: 512-943-3737

Cindy Bridges
Addressing GIS Analyst
Suite 107
Office: 512-943-3708
Fax: 512-943-3737

Voting, Precincts, Jurisdictional Boundaries
Christopher Davis
Elections Administrator
Suite 104
Office: 512-943-1629