Traffic Unit

This unit is dedicated to assure the streets of Williamson County are safe for citizens to travel daily. This is done through heavy enforcement and high visibility in the unincorporated areas of Williamson County. They do however, assist smaller agencies that do not have the assets to address these needs within their cities. They assist patrol on 9-1-1 calls, but mainly enforce the traffic laws of Texas. They are trained to work crashes ranging from minors to fatalities. They also investigate the leaving the scene crashes. Each deputy is highly trained in DWI detection and they work special holiday task forces to assure impaired drivers are aggressively interdicted. The unit also participates in special events to include, but not limited to; parades, traffic management, school zone speed enforcement, school bus safety programs, Shattered Dreams, rail grade crossing enforcement, Ride 2 Recovery escort, and escorts for fallen officers and soldiers. Within this unit there are deputies who are assigned to motorcycle patrol as well as License and Weight. License and Weight deputies weigh commercial motor vehicles and inspects their registration to assure our roads are safe, and well maintained.

Do you have a traffic related issue within the un-incorporated part of Williamson County? Contact the traffic unit supervisor by email.

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If  you are looking for a crash report or crash statistics, see below: