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Williamson County Sheriff Office Job Interest Card

If interested in applying for a position with the Williamson County Sheriff's Office that is vacant, the first step is to fill out a employment (job) interest card with our county Human Resource Department.  Link provided below:

Employment Interest Card

Job Summary


Corrections Recruiting Page

LAW ENFORCEMENT RECRUITMENT CONTACT: Click here to contact a recruiter for Law Enforcement applicants only

Physical Abilities Exam Requirements

  1. Physical testing will include a construct physical abilities test following Cooper Institute which is an established verifiable organization that has thoroughly researched the relationships of physical testing as it relates to law enforcement.  
  2. Percentile minimums may not be established lower than the 30th % utilizing Cooper Standards as a guideline. 
  3. The Cooper Standard Law Enforcement Specific cut pointaccurately measures the underlining fitness areas:
    • Sit ups: 27 in one minute
    • 1.5 mile run: 17:09 minutes
    • Pushups: 22 in one minute
    • 300 meter run: 72.6 seconds


  • The Training Division's goal is to provide proactive job specific training that will: 
  • Improve job performance and proficiency through effective and efficient training 
  • Meet or exceed all of TCLEOSE training standards and requirements 
  • Improve the training quality by training with organizational goals in mind 
  • Insure the department’s philosophy and mandates are clearly understood 

The function of the Training Division is to provide and coordinate the training for all personnel. This training includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Recruit Training 
  • In-Service training 
  • Firearms training 
  • Specialized training 
  • Provide training to outside agencies