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Pulse Point Roll out

  • 14 April 2017
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Pulse Point Roll out

At a news conference this month announcing the roll out of a new program called PulsePoint Respond that allows someone with CPR training to assist a person suffering from a heart attack, Commissioner Terry Cook, who had taken CPR training in February, said, "You walk out of that training absolutely confident you can deliver if you are called on."

Williamson County EMS has joined forces with the PulsePoint Foundation to offer a free Apple or Android app that notifies CPR-trained members of the public when they are within 1/4 mile of an apparent heart attack in a public place, so they can administer CPR until EMS arrives. Learn more or download the app by logging on to www.pulsepoint.org.

To request a Take10 CPR course for your organization, fill out the form below:

To register for a scheduled course email: take10cpr@wilco.org<mailto:take10cpr@wilco.org>.


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