Williamson County Expo Center Expands Arena and Replaces Roof

Williamson County Expo Center Expands Arena and Replaces Roof
Posted: Dec 15, 2021
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Author: Connie Odom

The Williamson County Commissioners Court approved a guaranteed maximum price for several enhancements to the Williamson County Expo Center occurring in 2022. Chasco Constructors was awarded Construction Manager at Risk for the projects for a guaranteed maximum price of $2,009,747.

First, the Expo arena will be widened. It currently is 106 feet by 300 feet and will be widened to 125 feet by 300 feet. The wider arena will better serve event holders and enhance overall safety for contestants/participants with more space.

At the same time, box seating will be added to the arena. This will increase the overall seating capacity by approximately 250 seats.  Current seating capacity is approximately 3,000 seats.

Next, the contractor will convert the existing granite gravel pathway adjacent to the new south tarmac to a concrete sidewalk and walkway. This will improve the walkway between the facilities, particularly during inclement weather, and make it ADA accessible.

These three projects are funded with voter-approved 2019 Park Bonds.

Finally, Chasco will replace the roof between the arena and rest of the Expo Center that collapsed during Winter Storm Uri last February. It will be funded through the insurance claim.

“We are excited to move forward on the roof re-construction and enhancement of the main arena.  The box seating and extra arena width will complement the addition of the new East concession and restrooms,” said Jason Brown, Expo Center general manager.


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