Williamson County, Texas

Corrections Division

The Williamson County Sheriff's Office Corrections Bureau Chief and commanders are responsible for maintaining a jail system that houses a daily population of approximately 650 inmates. The County-owned and operated facility in Georgetown handles all the intakes and releases of approximately 14,000 people a year that are arrested within Williamson County. A new Direct Supervision facility was opened in late 2003. Initially, with this expansion, the County Jail has bed space for 768 inmates with a plan in place for a future expansion that will make the completed capacity of the Williamson County Jail 1,544 beds.

The current Jail staff of 284 officers and civilian personnel provides 24-hour a day security for the jail and performs many other tasks. These tasks include the transportation of inmates to and from court, the pick-up of inmates from other counties and states, supervision of inmate recreation, visitation and other activities along with the record keeping and administration of the Corrections Bureau fourteen-million dollar annual budget. Williamson County also provides food service and medical, mental and dental care to all incarcerated individuals. Education and religious services are also available to all inmates. In addition, the security of the Williamson County Justice Center Courthouse Annex is administered by bailiffs attached to the Corrections Bureau.

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For more information on the Williamson County Jail, please see the Sheriff's Frequently Asked Questions.

Questions about Jail

Who do I call to ask about someone who has been arrested?

Call Jail Information at (512) 943-1365 for all information about people in jail.

How does visitation work?

CLICK HERE to learn more about inmate visitation.

Where can I go to ask about someone who has been arrested?

You can go to the jail reception entrance located at 306 W. 4th Street at the North end of the Sheriff's Office.

How do I send an inmate money?

CLICK HERE to find out how to deposit money into an inmate's trustee account.

Where is the Williamson County Jail?

Williamson County Jail
306 W. 4th Street
Georgetown, TX
(512) 943-1365
Driving Directions

Who do I contact if my vehicle has been impounded?

Contact Communications at (512) 864-8282 and select option 1 and option1 again to find out who and where your vehicle was towed.  If towed to the Sheriff's Office impound yard, they accept checks, money orders or credit cards.

Where can I find an approved Bondsman?

Williamson County's Bail Bond Board provides an updated list of licensed Bondsmen each month, CLICK HERE for the most updated list.

Currency of any type or amount, money orders, payroll checks, personal checks, or blank checks WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Mail containing ANY items that inmates can purchase on commissary will not be delivered. (Ex. Stationery items such as letterheads, stamps, envelopes, blank paper, pens, pencils, blank cards, postcards.) (Ex. Personal hygiene items such as tooth care products, razors, soap and hair care products, etc.) (Ex. Food items will not be accepted in any form.)


  • Reading material has to come from retailers
  • No hard cover books
  • No provocative, true crime or suggestive books
  • No envelopes or stamps
  • Packages containing prohibited material will be put into inmate property.
  • Address as follows:

    Williamson County Jail
    Inmate's Last Name, First Name, Date of Birth (DOB)
    P.O. Box 2119
    Georgetown, TX 78627


Family may email inmates through a service called Accesscorrections.com.  Emails will be received by the jail, staff will print out each email, and deliver it to the inmate.  Inmates may only respond by U.S. Mail.  Approximate delivery time is 24 hours on weekdays. 

Ways to add money:

  • Online Payments ( www.accesscorrections.com )
  • Kiosk (located in Williamson County Jail lobby)
  • By Mail (Money order or Cashier's check)
    Address as follows:

    Inmate Trust Fund
    Inmate's Last Name, First Name, Date of Birth (DOB)
    P.O. Box 1939
    Georgetown, TX 78627
  • How it Works

    Each inmate completes an Inmate Visitation Form as soon as possible to receive visitors.  They may identify 5 family members or friends as visitors.  Three people may visit per visitation, including children.  This list may be changed every 30 days.  You will need to arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled visitation to check in.  You will need a current, valid, state issued ID to sign in.  Bring only your ID and keys as they are the only items allowed into the jail.  Visits last 30 minutes.

    Requirements for Visitation   

    • Must be one of 5 visitors on inmate list - persons under 14 not required on list
    • Special visits are facilitated
    • Visitors must provide a current, valid state issued ID 
    • If the inmate is involved in an assault case, victim may not visit aggressor
    • Attorney or clergy may visit 24/7
    • Visitation schedule is subject to change

    Guidelines for Visitation

    • Persons under the age of 14 must be accompanied by parent
    • Persons 15 -16 years old  must be accompanied by an adult
    • No provocative or gang related attire of any kind
    • Only 3 people allowed per visit including children
    • Visitors may bring in keys and ID ONLY
    • 2 visits per week, 1 per day, lasting 30 minutes
    • Family that are clergy must visit as immediate family

    Special Visits

    • Visitor must have to travel 2 or more hours to facility ( CLICK HERE to calculate distance)
    • Contact visits are NEVER allowed
    • Requests for Special Visits should be submitted by inmate 7 days prior to requested date.

    Deposit Funds

    It's easy to add money to an existing account. There are four payment options for customers to use to make a deposit.

    1. By Phone - Call 877-618-3516 toll free and speak to a friendly Customer Service Representative.
    2. By Automated Payment System - Call our Customer Service number and choose Option 2.
    3. By Web - Go online to our Customer Portal at https://www.csgpay.com
    4. By Kiosk
    5. - Visit a conveniently-located in the lobby of participating Facilities.

    To make a payment with any of the options above, you must first have a customer profile set up which can be created online or with a Customer Service Representative. You may use a cred card (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover). At the kiosk, you have the added option of paying with cash.

    To set up a new account or to learn more about these payment options, please contact Customer Service or visit https://www.csgpay.com

    Need assistance with adding funds to an account? Have any questions? Give us a call. Our customer service representatives will be happy to assist you.

    Customer Care:

    Hours of Operation:
    Monday-Saturday: 8am-10pm
    Sunday: Closed

    Address to send Money Orders: PO Box 796, Ruston, LA 71273