Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Bond?
A bond is an agreement by a defendant to appear in court or pay a sum of money set by the court. There are three types of bonds: cash bond, surety/bail bond, and personal/PR bond.

What is a PR Bond
A PR Bond is a sworn agreement by the defendant that he/she will return to court as ordered and will comply with the conditions placed on his/her release. The full amount of the bond is not required at the time of release.

How do I request a PR Bond
You will automatically be considered for a PR bond by the Magistrate Judge, you may or may not qualify. An attorney may submit a request for release on a personal bond to the magistrate in most cases. For some felony cases an attorney may have to submit a request to the assigned felony court judge. Only a judge can approve release on a personal bond.

How do I pay the bond fee?
Some PR bonds require a fee. While still in custody of the Williamson County Sheriff, a defendant may pay an administrative fee with money that is on their books or else someone will need to bring to the jail a money order or cashier’s check for the amount of the fee. Please contact jail personnel for more details on payment of this fee.

To Pay the Administrative Fee on a Personal Bond

No Cash or Personal Checks.

Money Orders and Cashier’s checks should be payable to “Williamson County.”

In Person
306 West 4th, Georgetown, Texas 78628.

Williamson County Personal Bond Office
405 Martin Luther King Blvd, Box 19, Georgetown, Texas 78626.
Include defendant’s Name, DOB and Sheriff’s Office Number (SO#) is the number assigned to the defendant while in custody.

Online (follow these instructions)
Bureau Code 8721880
Choose Payment Type “Personal Bond” from drop down menu
Sheriff’s Office Number (SO#) is the number assigned to the defendant while in custody.