Emergency Protective Order

If a protection order has been entered against you, DO NOT VIOLATE IT! Violation of a protection order is a crime punishable by fines and imprisonment. You should consult with an attorney.

If an Emergency Protective Order was issued by the Magistrate Court of Williamson County you may request a modification of the Order.

I want the Order terminated or lifted.
The Magistrate Court will not “dissolve,” “terminate” or “remove” an emergency protective order because the majority of the order simply prohibits illegal conduct. Generally, a person seeks to modify the 200 yard provision or other stay away provisions in the order. If the 200 yard provision is modified the remainder of the order will remain in effect until the order expires or is otherwise extended by a court.

I want the charges dropped.
The Magistrate Court does not have the authority to drop, reduce, dismiss, or consider the non-prosecution of charges pending against any defendant.

The order may be modified if the court finds:

  1. that the order has become unworkable;
  2. a modification will not place the victim(s) at greater risk; and
  3. the modification will not in any way endanger the persons protected.

If you believe that you are entitled to a modification of the emergency protective order issued by the magistrate court complete the following process:

How to request a Modification of an Emergency Protective Order:
Complete Motion to Modify Emergency Protection Order
Complete Contact Information For Providing Notice to Affected Parties
Return forms to: [email protected]

A hearing will be held for the court to consider the Motion after notice to all parties, including the State. You must appear at the hearing or your motion will not be considered.