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Williamson County Winter Weather Updates

  • 14 February 2021
  • Author: Lauren Gammon
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Williamson County Winter Weather Updates

[Updated at 2:30 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 17. This page will be updated as news becomes available.]

Williamson County Judge Bill Gravell issued a proclamation declaring a state of disaster for Williamson County on February 14, 2021, due to severe winter weather conditions. The state of disaster shall continue for not more than seven days unless continued or renewed by the Commissioners Court.
“We want to impress on the people of Williamson County the importance of staying home and not getting on the roads as much as possible. By staying home, you can do your part to keep other people safe, including our first responders,” said Williamson County Judge Bill Gravell.
Williamson County has activated its Emergency Operations Center and will remain active until the winter weather is no longer a threat. Williamson County asks that residents stay home and limit travel as much as possible as all roads have the potential to have dangerous ice formations. For information on the changing road conditions, visit drivetexas.org.
To view the signed disaster declaration, click here


Travel Advisory: 

Williamson County Office of Emergency Management has issued a travel warning for the west and northwest parts of the county due to icy road conditions on Saturday, February 13. Temperatures remain at or below freezing with additional icy precipitation expected throughout the day. Residents are urged to stay home due to hazardous road conditions, particularly on elevated roadways and bridges. If you must drive, please drive with extreme caution, slow down, and leave plenty of room between yourself and other vehicles. Read more here.

County Offices:
Williamson County offices are closed today, Wednesday, February 17. 


The following is in place for Williamson County Parks:
Berry Springs Park & Preserve
Park is closed for the day. 
Champion Park
Park will remain open to the public for day access only.
Public restrooms and water fountains closed for winterization.
No pavilion rentals
Expo Center
SW Williamson County Park
Park is closed for the day. 
Brushy Creek Regional Trail
Trail remains open to the public; however, use with caution as the trail is icy, particularly on pedestrian bridges. 
Public restrooms and water fountains closed for winterization.
Read more by visiting the
Williamson County Parks webpage.

Road and Bridge:

Road and Bridge crews are continuing to treat bridges, overpasses, and roads. Residents should avoid travel if possible to prevent an accident. Visit drivetexas.org to watching changing road conditions.

Tree Limb Collection at the Williamson County Landfill:

Wood waste is accepted at the landfill for a reduced rate of $7.50/cy from the regular posted gate rate of $44/ton. The Williamson County Landfill will be closed through Thursday, February 18, due to the winter weather. More information on the landfill is located on their website: Williamson County Landfill.

Weather Updates:

Please visit the National Weather Service for the latest information on the weather.

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