Looking to the Future!

County Clerks across the country have made significant advances to the access and timeliness of the official public land records over the past decade. Documents have been imaged so that they may be viewed over the Internet. Search fields are easier to use. More efficient search engines are in place to help citizens find their documents.

But it doesn't stop there.

County Clerks are committed to further improve the process.

Enhancements will continue in the next few years. The official public land records will utilize new technologies to capture information more accurately and efficiently. The integrity of these records will assure better detection of fraudulent intentions. There will be support for mobile devices, combined with further growth in electronic recording and a wider range of formats and interactive submission capabilities.

The official public land records are in safe hands.  County Clerks support them with a passionate commitment to their continued existence and unparalleled protection. Sign up for the Property Fraud Software alerts for more peace of mind. See the last Public Alert bullet on the left hand column listing to sign up.

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