How do I make a reservation for a park facility?

Please call the Parks Department HQ at 512-943-1920 or access on-line reservations at www.wilco.org/parks

Does Williamson County Parks have indoor facilities for rent?

Not currently, but when River Ranch County Park opens, the Interpretive Center will have classroom and conference room space available for rent.

Do you require a deposit when making a reservation?

A deposit is not required, only the appropriate facility use fee for the type of reservation you are making.

What is the reservation cancellation/refund policy?

Do you allow inflatable bounce house, trackless trains or similar type features?

These are permitted with some special guidelines and advanced coordination.  Please contact the Parks Department HQ at 512-943-1920 to coordinate.


When are the parks open?

All Williamson County Parks are open year-round (weather permitting) from 7:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Berry Springs Park & Preserve is open year round from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., except for registered overnight guests.


Are pets allowed at Williamson County Parks and Trails?

Yes.  Park rules and regulations require pets to be on a leash and under control at all times.

Only service animals are allowed in the Quarry Splash Pad.

Please pick up after your pet.

Can I have petting zoos or pony rides at my pavilion rental?

Due to health and safety concerns, petting zoos and pony rides are not permitted in Williamson County Park locations.

Are horses allowed in your parks?

Berry Springs Park & Preserve allows equestrian riders, however you must plan ahead and coordinate with the Park Manager at 512-930-0040 at least 24 hours in advance of arrival.  

The Expo Center offers equestrian riding opportunities.

River Ranch County Park will offer equestrian trails once the park opens.

Sports Fields

Do I need to reserve a softball, soccer and/or football field?

Yes, for all group/team practices, games and tournaments an advanced reservation is required. 

We do limit field use to a maximum of 15 hours per week in order to ensure maximum playability, longevity and player safety. 

Are sports fields available for use during or after rain events?

Please contact the rain-out number at 512-943-3366 for current field conditions. You can also find this information at Williamson County Parks

If your reservation for field rental is “rained out” due to inclement weather, it is your responsibility to contact the Parks HQ at 512-943-1920 within 7 calendar days from the date of your field reservation to reschedule or request a refund; otherwise your reservation fee will be forfeited.

Can I play on the Cricket grounds or use the nets?

Williamson County Parks Department and Hill Country Cricket Association - Cricket (hccacricket.org) (HCCA) are contractual partners in the development, use and maintenance of the Cricket grounds and nets.   All Cricket facilities are reserved for use by HCCA each Saturday and Sunday. HCCA is also permitted use Monday through Friday on a first-come, first-served basis.

General public use of the Cricket grounds and nets is permitted Monday through Friday on a first-come, first-served basis.  Group size is limited to 5.  Unauthorized commercial activity is prohibited.

The adjacent on-site portable storage building is the property of HCCA.  Any access and use of contents must be coordinated with HCCA.


Can I host a 5K or other special event at a Williamson County Park or on the Brushy Creek Regional Trail?

Please contact the Parks Department HQ at 512-943-1920 for more information.

Can I use a Segway or an electric bicycle on trails?

Motorized (gas or electric powered) vehicles are not allowed on the Williamson County Parks and Trails. Exceptions are made for differently abled visitors who require use of motorized wheel chairs.


Do your campsites accommodate RV's?

Berry Springs' campsites are not designed to accommodate RV's.   Tents and pop-up campers are permissible in the improved tent camping area.   The primitive camping area is only designed for tents.

Expo Center can accommodate RV's

When opened, River Ranch County Park will accommodate RV's.

How many people are allowed per campsite?

Can I bring my pet to the campground?

Yes, but Park rules and regulations do require pets to be on a leash and under control at all times.  

How long can I stay at a campsite?

There is a 14-day stay limit, per month.  Please contact the Parks Department HQ at 512-943-1920 for further information.

Are advanced reservations required to camp overnight?

Not required, but highly recommended, especially if you intend to camp on a weekend or holiday.

How much does it cost to camp?

All park fees are listed here: Park Fees 

Can I bring my own firewood?

Due to the risk of introducing unwanted pests and other diseases to the park landscape, we strongly urge you to obtain your firewood from our on-site supply (modest donation accepted).

What time is check-in for overnight camping?

Check-in is at 2pm and check-out is at 12 noon at Berry Springs Park & Preserve and River Ranch County Park

At the Expo Center, check-in is at 8am on day of arrival and check-out time is 8pm on day of departure.

Stadium Track

What are the guidelines for using the track at the Southwest Williamson County Regional Park stadium?

  • Unless the stadium complex is officially reserved, the track is open to the general public for running, jogging and walking during normal park operational hours of 7:30am-10pm.  
  • Bicycles and strollers are not permitted on the track surface to prevent track surface damage and to reduce unsafe conditions for other users.
  • Pets are not permitted on the track or stadium field.
  • If you are an organized group, such as a running or track club, please limit use to the inside 3 lanes so that other recreational users can continue use of the track.
  • The stadium/track complex is not currently designed for track and field throwing activities such as javelin, shot put and discus.  For safety reasons, these activities are restricted to an organized and pre-approved track meet/event only.
  • If you are a coach/instructor/trainer providing services to client(s) for a fee, then you must first obtain approval to conduct commercial activities in the park.   Refer to the Doing Business With Us information on our website. 
Commercial Use

Can I use the parks and trails for my private business?

Instructors, trainers, professional photographers, and any others who wish to use parks and trails for private business ventures must adhere to the Commercial Use ActivitiesPlease contact the Park HQ at 512-943-1920 for more information.


Can I use a metal detector at any of the Williamson County Parks?

No. Parks and trails are regulated by the Antiquities Code of Texas.  As such, any unauthorized digging is prohibited by law.

In those cases when something of value may have been lost (heirloom, jewelry, keys, etc.), please contact the Park HQ at 512-943-1920 to coordinate an appropriate search.

Can I fly or launch a model plane, drone or other manned or unmanned powered devices at any Williamson County Parks?

No.  For safety reasons, Park rules and regulations prohibit these activities in or over any Williamson County Park or Trail.

Can I possess or discharge fireworks at the park?

No.  Fireworks are not permitted in Williamson County Parks and Trails.

Can I feed the donkeys at Berry Springs Park & Preserve?

Yes, but please limit treats to a handful of grass or hay and not anything else.  Our "fitness trainer" said the donkeys need to watch their health too.