Berry Springs Park and Preserve

Berry Springs Park and Preserve is utilized for passive recreational uses including camping, hiking and fishing. Click here for the rules and regulations of the park. The park features a 2.5 mile hike/bike trail that will eventually connect to Georgetown Parks and Recreation trails. Berry Springs Park and Preserve was voted "The Best Kept Secret" in the 2010 "The Best of Georgetown" contest. The park was also recognized for its outstanding trails and picnic facilities. The 2010 winners were selected by citizens, visitors and businesses.

Virtual Tour: Take a virtual tour of Berry Springs Park and Preserve, developed by Kathy McCormack, Capitol Area Master Naturalist here.

Park Facilities

Fire Ring

Fire Ring at Berry Springs Park
Occupation 50
Availability Available for 2 hour use. (Not available during Burn Bans)
Price $60.00
Electricity No


Occupation 55
Availability 10am - 2pm, or 3pm - 10pm; ($25) 
  10am - 10pm; ($40) 
Electricity Yes, at additional $20 charge


Tonkawa Pavilion
Occupation 64 Maximum (8 tables)
Availability 10am - 2pm, or 3pm - 10pm; $45
10am - 10pm; $80
Grill Yes
Electricity Yes, included in rental fee

Birthday Mill

Birthday Mill Pavilion
Occupation 32 Maximum (4 tables)
Availability 10am - 2pm, or 3pm - 10pm; $25
10am - 10pm; $40
Grill Yes
Electricity No

Information/Policies (for a more detailed list of park rules, reservations and/or more information please contact the park office at 512-943-1920 or parksandrec@wilco.org).

  • Glass containers not permitted; alcohol is allowed.
  • NO petting zoos; pony rides, piñatas, confetti (or like items), silly string, water balloons and/or sidewalk chalk.
  • Bounce houses, game trucks, trackless trains, etc. require approval of park staff 3 days prior to your reservation date. Insurance certificates required.
  • Reasonable clean-up is required. Additional clean-up requiring park staff will be invoiced back to you (including staff time, supplies and equipment used).
  • Pavilions are considered first come, first serve unless already reserved. Pavilions are posted with renter’s name. Pavilions can be reserved half day or full day.
  • We have 'Improved Campsites', tent camping only, with restroom facility & showers; 'Primitive Campsites', tent camping only, a mile hike to those sites. Contact Park Admin office for information, availability, and/or to reserve 512-943-1920.
  • Free standing hammocks only.

Park Map
Park Layout