Liberty Hill Bypass (RM 1869 to CR 279/Bagdad Road)
Location Liberty Hill Bypass
Description The project will construct a new two-lane roadway from RM 1869 to CR 279/Bagdad Road. The project will also add turn lanes on RM 1869 and CR 279 to the Liberty Hill Bypass.
Status Construction is anticipated to begin in summer 2023 and be completed by fall 2024. To view the original SH 29 Bypass study, click here.
Contact Email roads@wilco.org or phone 512-260-4280.
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Liberty Hill Bypass project?

The Liberty Hill Bypass project is intended to improve mobility around the City of Liberty Hill. The project consists of building a two-lane roadway with shoulders and turn lanes that will connect RM 1869 to CR 279/Bagdad Road. The County has determined that the east-bound frontage road will be the first portion of the project constructed based on the recommendation made by LJA Engineers. The project is a part of the County’s Long-Range Transportation Plan (LRTP).

What is the Williamson County LRTP?

The Williamson County Commissioners Court adopted the LRTP in October 2009. The plan is regularly updated based on current needs, population projections, and anticipated future mobility and safety needs. The planning process to develop the LRTP involves working with the public, cities, neighboring counties, and transportation and planning agencies to gather input and coordinate connectivity and mobility. The most recent amendments to the LRTP outline a network of roadways that will improve safety and mobility across the County and includes a map of potential controlled access facilities and arterial roadways. These roadways are conceptual only to show general locations and connections needed. To learn more about the LRTP, visit www.wilco.org/lrtp.

Why is this project needed?

Williamson County has experienced significant growth in recent years, and current population projections predict that this trend will continue. The City of Liberty Hill alone grew by 47% between 2010 and 2019.* The Liberty Hill Bypass project will help meet the needs of motorists in one of the fastest growing areas of the county. 

What are the project limits?

The project limits are from RM 1869 to CR 279/Bagdad Road. To view the project map, please visit the Liberty Hill Bypass webpage.

How was the Liberty Hill Bypass alignment determined?

The Liberty Hill Bypass project was identified with public input from the Highway 29 Corridor Study, which investigated options to achieve improved safety and mobility in the corridor. This roadway is part of the

County’s LRTP that is working to plan for current and future growth to maintain a high level of mobility and quality of life for residents and communities. Preliminary route alignments were evaluated with several factors considered, including public input, community impacts and natural resources. The project was identified by the City of Liberty Hill as one of its priority projects for the 2019 Williamson County Road Bond election that was approved by voters. 

Why is the east-bound frontage road the first portion of the project to be constructed?

Based on drainage, water quality and roadway analyses, LJA Engineers recommended the east-bound frontage road be built first.

What is the schedule for this project?

Project design and environmental clearance were completed in spring 2022. Construction is expected to begin early 2023 and be completed by fall 2024.

Is the County going to hold a large public meeting?

Due to the current public health concerns, large gatherings are not recommended. The County will work directly with property owners to discuss their concerns and ensure they are being heard.

How is the Liberty Hill Bypass project being funded?

The Liberty Hill Bypass project was funded through the voter-approved 2019 Williamson County Road Bond Program.

How will residents and business owners along the alignment be impacted?

The County has been working with willing sellers along the selected alignment to begin purchasing right-of-way (ROW). Now that additional ROW funding was secured through the voter-approved 2019 Williamson County Road Bond Program, the County will begin working with the remaining property owners.

What is the ROW acquisition process?

The formal ROW acquisition process involves independent appraisals and a negotiation process between the property owner and the County. Specific characteristics of each parcel are reviewed by an independent, licensed appraiser to determine the fair market value for each parcel along the proposed ROW, and any impact of the project on the remaining property after the acquisition and construction of the proposed road facility.

Will the County take any homes or businesses for the roadway using eminent domain?

Williamson County is committed to conducting ROW negotiations in a manner that is comprehensive in its respect for the private property and rights of landowners to support voluntarily negotiated ROW acquisitions. Where ROW is needed, the goal is to come to an agreement with each landowner. The County may acquire some ROW through the condemnation process using its power of eminent domain, but only as a last resort after exhausting all reasonable attempts at negotiation. If a qualifying owner or occupant is displaced from his/her home or business as a direct result of the project, then the County will also make relocation assistance benefits available according to the provisions and requirements of the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act (“The Uniform Act”).

What is the County doing to improve our current roads?

Maintaining our current road and transportation infrastructure is a great priority for the County. Williamson County is responsible for maintaining approximately 1,400 miles of county roads spread over an area of 1,124 square miles. By evaluating each road, Williamson County has created a schedule for resurfacing neighborhood roads and county roads, as well as conducting major maintenance on county roads when necessary. All the Road and Bridge revenue goes to maintaining the roadway system. If you have a question or request about maintenance on a county road, please email roadadmin@wilco.org or call 512-943-3330.

Where may I go to ask questions or receive more information about the Liberty Hill Bypass project?

For more information about this project, or to sign up for email updates, please contact our public involvement team by calling 512-943-1195 or emailing roads@wilco.org. All project materials and updates, including any lane or road closures, will be posted on the Liberty Hill Bypass page of the County website, www.wilco.org/Departments/Infrastructure/Projects/Precinct-2/Liberty-Hill-Bypass

Project Map

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