Our stations are strategically placed to provide the quickest response when you need us most, anywhere in Williamson County. We have 18 stations to serve you. When possible, we partner with our fire departments serving in the Williamson County EMS System by combining stations. Saving money without sacrificing service.

WCEMS has an extensive fleet of ambulances. We have one ambulance per station, 18 frontline units in all and each well cared for. There are at least 10 backup ambulances available for large scale events. We’re prepared for the unexpected. Each ambulance is staffed with 2 WCEMS credentialed Paramedics.

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Command & Squad Units


We have 3 Paramedic Commanders per shift driving SUV’s. They respond to every high acuity call along with an ambulance. They are an added layer of response and safety. If need be, there are 8 other command vehicles and Commanders that could be pressed into service.  We also have 1 Squad Unit staffed with a Field Paramedic to supplement a rural response area.

Closer Inspection

WCEMS has carefully chosen its fleet based on safety, durability, utility, and cost. Your care and safety are of the utmost importance. We keep our fleet maintained at the highest level of quality by ensuring appropriate vehicle service. Additionally, we move units from frontline to back up relatively early in their service life. This reduces the odds of safety issues or unit malfunction when you need us most.

Ambulance Backups