WCEMS Advanced Operation Team
The Advanced Operations team is made up of 8 Williamson County paramedics that are trained in Swift water, High Angle Rescue, and Search and Rescue. The team requires 30 hours of CEU's a year and trains with the local fire departments that are part of the County Wide team. When the team is activated they join up with the other agencies that are part of the team. This prevents any one of the departments involved from depleting all their resources during one of these events.
Tactical Medic Team


Since 2009, WCEMS has maintained a team of Tactical Medics. Members of this team undergo specialized training in special weapons and tactics operations, trauma care in non-standard field environments, and related fields. The WCEMS Tactical Medics train and work closely with a variety of law enforcement special response teams, and deploy throughout the state of Texas as required in order to provide advanced life support medical support to law enforcement personnel assigned to hazardous mission profiles. Additionally, WCEMS Tactical Medics regularly staff a system ambulance dedicated to respond with law enforcement personnel within Williamson County in the event of an emergency requiring response of a tactical nature. WCEMS Tactical Medics are required to exemplify high standards of medical practice and professionalism, attend regular training in areas of applicable medicine and tactical operations, and pass regular physical fitness and agility examinations.

Tactical rope rescue

Haz-Mat Team


The Williamson County Haz Mat team requires that we have at least one ambulance assigned to any call they are on. We currently train all of our Paramedics to the medical research and rehabduring a Haz Mat call. This allows any of our Paramedics to fill in the roll of medical research and/or rehab. The Williamson County Haz Mat team trains monthly and our medics frequently participate to ensure competency.
Swiftwater Team

Flooding can happen at any time in Central Texas.  
The Williamson County EMS Swift Water Rescue Team is ready.

The Williamson county EMS Swift water rescue team is comprised of 8 paramedics that all go through a general rescuer class along with a swift water rescue class. 

They are required to attend monthly training to keep their skills sharp along with yearly physical assessment. 

  The Williamson County EMS team is part of the Williamson County Technical Rescue group.  The group is comprised of Williamson County EMS members along with members from local fire departments. During floods our team will augment fire departments or work independently depending on the situation.  
Search & Rescue

Stokes Ropes