COVID-19 Vaccination Information
Williamson County's Vaccination Plan

Williamson County's COVID-19 vaccination plan is focused on providing vaccines for the State's priority of Phase 1b: those 65 and older and those 16 and older with at least one chronic medical condition. The plan is dependent upon an allocation of the COVID-19 vaccine from the Texas Department of State Health Services, so we do not have a date when the vaccines will be available at this time. We will post information on this page when we have vaccines to inform people how to register for the vaccine. We ask for your patience as there is a limit supply of the vaccine at this time.

We encourage all residents to use any option to obtain your first dose of vaccine from any approved entity offering it.

You can find the state's list of vaccine providers here

You can find COVID-19 vaccine information from the Williamson County and Cities Health District here

Public COVID-19 Testing Update

Williamson County through a partnership with Family Emergency Rooms is providing testing for COVID-19. For more information on a PCR (nasal swab test) and the Antibody Test, or to schedule a test appointment, please go to the following link: FHS Booking. The new scheduling process will allow you to select the time and testing location that best fits your needs, with no need to wait for a call back from a scheduler.

Testing is available for all. COVID-19 tests are currently covered by most insurance companies. Tests for Williamson County residents without insurance will be paid for by Williamson County.

El condado de Williamson a través de una asociación con Family Emergency Rooms está proporcionando pruebas para COVID-19. Para obtener más información sobre una PCR (prueba de frotis nasal) y la Prueba de anticuerpos, o para programar una cita de prueba, vaya al siguiente enlace: FHS Reserva. El nuevo proceso de programación le permitirá seleccionar la hora y el lugar de prueba que mejor se adapte a sus necesidades, sin necesidad de esperar una llamada de un planificador.

Las pruebas están disponibles para todos. Las pruebas COVID-19 están actualmente cubiertas por la mayoría de las compañías de seguros. Las pruebas para los residentes del condado de Williamson sin seguro serán pagadas por el condado de Williamson.

Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a respiratory illness that is spreading from person to person in parts of the United States. The risk of infection with COVID-19 is higher for people who are close contacts of someone known to have COVID-19, for example healthcare workers, or household members. Other people at higher risk for infection are those who live in or have recently been in an area with an ongoing spread of COVID-19.

Williamson County & Cities Health District is closely monitoring the rapidly evolving situation in coordination with the Texas Department of State Health Services, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and local and regional public health and healthcare agencies.

If you or someone you know is feeling overwhelmed by the COVID-19 pandemic, help is available. Call the toll-free Texas Health and Human Services COVID-19 Mental Health Support Line at 833-986-1919 to speak with a mental health professional 24/7. 

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Public Information Act Catastrophe Notice

Please see the attached Catastrophe Notice and the attached Catastrphe Extension issued pursuant to Section 552.233, Texas Government Code, which provide for the temporary suspension of the applicability of the requirements of the Public Information Act. Please note that you may continue to submit your requests for information and we will continue to respond as promptly as possible given current circumstances.

Latest Information

Williamson County Mask Brigade Delivers

  • 16 April 2020
  • Author: Connie Odom
  • Number of views: 2128
Williamson County Mask Brigade Delivers

Since its inception a little more than a week ago, the Williamson County Mask Brigade has been busy making between 2,000 to 3,000 cloth face masks. The group has two mask types that they are asking volunteers to make. The COVID Ranger Mask, which is to be worn over N95 masks by medical personnel and first responders, and the Safety Mask, which can be worn by nursing home residents and essential county workers who interact with the public. Williamson County EMS received 146 of the COVID Ranger masks today.  

So far, 1,700 masks have been made with the help of volunteers led by District Judge Donna King. People from all walks of life have devoted their time and skills to work on producing the masks daily. One team of 140 volunteer workers from Celebration Church has contributed more than 2,100 hours toward this effort.  

Stony Point High School engineering teacher Travis Claypool is among the many volunteers assisting Celebration Church. He is using his high-power laser cutter and computer system to crank out fabric cutting faster. Claypool is able to cut eight masks a minute, making the cutting aspect of mask production more efficient.  

“Our family is a family of service, and we are fortunate to be able to give back and help folks where we can. I bought the machine because I enjoy making things as a hobby, but it feels great to be able to use it now to serve the community,” said Claypool.  

About 250 Sun City residents, most of them members of a group called Sun City Fabric and Fiber, also have stepped up to the cause. In order to meet the demand, the volunteers created an assembly line with people assigned to different roles such as cutting, pleating the fabric, and sewing the masks together. Their goal is to create 2,000 masks a week.  

“These [masks] go to the entities that we love and use like nursing homes and food banks. It’s really a good cooperative effort for the entire county,” said Sun City Fabric and Fiber President Jean Prouty.  

The masks have been made possible with not only the help of county residents, but private businesses, too. Williamson County partnered with Reid’s Cleaners and Laundry to thoroughly wash, press and package the masks. Karl Schulte, owner of Reid’s Cleaners and Laundry, donated the labor.  
“We have been working as a family since the beginning and finding innovative ways to meet the demand. This is a perfect example of what that collaboration looks like. I am thankful for Reid’s Cleaners and Laundry for their commitment to help us reduce the spread of the Coronavirus in Williamson County,” said Williamson County Judge Bill Gravell. 

Williamson County will prioritize giving out the masks. The first to receive the COVID Ranger Masks will be Williamson County Sheriff’s Office law enforcement personnel, corrections officers, and Emergency Medical Services paramedics. Healthcare workers in COVID-19 response units also will receive the Ranger Masks. Safety masks will be available for nursing home residents and municipalities with the highest case count, followed by essential Williamson County workers. If more masks are available, they will be given to essential workers providing essential services.

For more information on joining the Mask Brigade, go to www.wilco.org/howcanIhelp


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