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GIS Department

301 SE Inner Loop, Suite 107
Georgetown, TX 78626
Phone: (512) 943-1474
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Who We Are
GIS & Addressing
The GIS & Addressing staff work in the Department of Information Technology Services. The staff provides mapping, addressing, and analysis services to County departments and the public.

About this Site
This site is the clearinghouse for maps and data produced by different County departments. Maps used by various departments or the entire County are posted here when they have been cleared for public access. All information posted on this site is public domain and is free of charge.

About the GIS
Many Williamson County departments produce maps and geo-spatial data. The County's Geographic Information Systems (GIS) staff help departments by providing the infrastructure and tools to create the maps and data they need. Many of the data sets and maps on this site have the GIS staff as a contact, but the data is maintained by another department. In some cases, data may be created by other government agencies and compiled by the County.
Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find Elections maps?

The County's Elections Department has a lot of maps, and their own page to hold them. You can find the maps by going to the Elections main page and clicking on maps, or going directly to the Elections map page.

Does the County charge for maps or data?

Some maps and data sets generated by departments are subject to a small cost recovery charge (reproduction, media, etc.). The charge depends on the amount calculated by the Department handling the request. Click here for Charges for Public Maps.pdf

Where can I get a large map printed?

Many Kinkos and other office / copy stores have large format printers (called plotters). The "large" maps on this site can be printed natively at 24" x 36". Click here for Charges for Public Maps.pdf

Where can I find more Williamson County and Central Texas data?

Please see the links page for other online GIS resources.

Where can I learn more about GIS?

ESRI's GIS page is a great start. Please visit www.gis.com

How do I request information, data or a map that isn't on the site?

You can use our online request form or contact us.

Who do I contact with a question about a map or data?

If you have a specific question about a map or data, please contact the contact name listed on the map or in the metadata document that accompanied the data files. If there is no contact name or other information, please see the next FAQ.

Who do I contact with a general GIS or map question?

Please see the contacts page.

Who do I contact to get a new address?

If you need to obtain an address (to get telephone service, utility hook ups etc.) please contact the Addressing Staff.

Your contact options are:
Web: Request Page (you may still need to speak with staff)
Phone: (512) 943-3707
Office: 301 SE Inner Loop, Georgetown, Suite 107
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