Warrant FAQ

If I have a warrant with a city inside the county can I just pay the county?

Williamson County does NOT centralize all warrants. If the offense occurred inside the city limits then it's possible the Police Department may hold the original warrant.

If I have a warrant can I pay here, if not where do I pay it?

The Williamson County Warrant Division does not accept payments on any warrants, however, the Issuing Authority or Williamson County Constables Offices may be able to collect money for those warrants that contain fine amounts.*

How can I figure out if I have a warrant?

A person has a couple options to determine whether or not there is a warrant for their arrest.

  1. You may go to the Sheriff's Office with a photo ID.
  2. You can ask your attorney to fax the Sheriff's Office on official letterhead.

The Warrants division is prohibited from giving out any information via email or by phone.