Honor Guard

This special detail consists of 12 disciplined & motivated law enforcement professionals. These officers, who represent all divisions of the WCSO, dedicate their time and effort to preserve and promote traditional law enforcement standards & values and to represent the Sheriff's Office, the fine citizens of Williamson County Texas, and Sheriff Robert Chody.

The primary responsibility of the Williamson County Sheriff’s Honor Guard is to provide ceremonial representation for law enforcement funerals. They also participate in the annual color guard parade during Law Enforcement Memorial Week. The Honor Guard occasionally posts colors during ceremonies of Law Enforcement functions or at other events when requested by the sheriff as representatives of his office.

All members attend an annual 16-hour training class consisting of 4 hours of classroom instruction and 12 hours of practical instruction. The U.S. military drill and ceremony manuals are referenced for local practice and ceremony, and adaptations are made for traditional Law Enforcement funerals. All members are equally trained so that any person can fill in any position as needed. Members fill positions according to their strength in the area needed.

K9 Unit

The Williamson County Sheriff’s Office K9 Unit consists of four deputies and their canine partners. All four dogs are Belgian Malinois and are chosen for their high drive and constant willingness to work. The dogs are trained/certified in criminal apprehension, handler protection, tracking, and narcotics detection.

Each K9 deputy of this unit has many years of experience as a dog handler and their combined efforts have contributed to the seizure and/or location of numerous fleeing suspects, missing persons, large amounts of narcotics, and drug currency over the years.

Narcotics Unit

The Williamson County Sheriff’s Office is proud of its “tough on crime” reputation and the dedication of the citizens who support this mission. We are committed to providing the community a safe environment through aggressive narcotics investigations and subsequent prosecution of offenders.

The Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Unit is responsible for the investigation and suppression of narcotics activities that either occurs within Williamson County or whose illegal activities adversely affect the citizens of Williamson County.

Investigations performed by the Narcotics Unit require various techniques such as surveillance, under-cover operations, information gathering and analysis, and the service of search and arrest warrants.

Things to Consider

Will anyone I report find out I called?

No. If you wish to remain anonymous, your name will not be used in any document. However, it is helpful for the detective to be able to contact you for additional information. Please leave your name and a telephone number and the information will be kept confidential.

How can I report drug-dealing activity?

If you are observing the drug activity as it is happening, call (512) 943-1170.

Alternatively, you can download the Anonymous Drug Detection Reporting Form and provide information by mail or email.

What sort of activity should I report to the Narcotics Unit?

Any activity you recognize as suspicious to your neighborhood could be narcotics related. For example, a high volume of foot and vehicle traffic to a residence could indicate drug trafficking. Unusual chemical smells coming from a residence could be due to drug manufacturing.

Special Missions Team (SWAT)

The Williamson County Sheriffs Office recognizes that a team trained in the tactical aspects of police work can greatly reduce the risk of injuries or death to officers, citizens, or suspects while accomplishing its goal, the resolution of a volatile or potentially dangerous critical incident. It is the goal of the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT) also known as SMT, Special Missions Team, to provide the community a highly motivated, well trained tactical team to assure the community it has an option to bring critical incidents to the safest possible conclusion with the overall goal of saving lives always being in our forethought. The mission of the SWAT Team is to support the department and other public safety entities with a tactical response to certain critical incidents and community problems that are best solved by the application of advanced tactics and planning. The ultimate goal of this application of tactical expertise is to end these critical incidents and resolve these problems with no loss of life or injury to officers, innocent persons or suspects.