Crisis Intervention Team: Who We Are

The Crisis Intervention Team responds to emergency calls (Involving Mental Health Patients) in crisis. The team diverts consumers from the Criminal Justice System and connects them with Mental Health Services. The Crisis Intervention Team works along side the Mobile Outreach Team to provide the best consistent care for Williamson County citizens suffering from Mental Illness.

Helpful Information
Crisis Intervention Team (CIT):  A group of specially trained officers that respond to persons in mental crisis.  The officers are licensed peace officers with a minimum of two years of Law Enforcement experience, who have successfully completed the TCOLE Mental Health Certification course.  Team members are also cross-trained in crisis negotiations.

Mental Illness:  an illness, disease or condition other than epilepsy, senility, alcoholism or mental deficiency that substantially impairs a person's thoughts, perception of reality, emotional process, judgment, or grossly impairs behaviors demonstrated by recent disturbed behavior.

Mental Retardation:  a significantly sub-average intellectual function that is concurrent with deficits in adaptive behavior, originating during the developmental period.

Emergency Detention:  Texas Health and Safety Code 573.001 gives a licensed peace officer the authority to apprehend a person without a warrant when the following criteria are met:
  • The Officer has reason to believe, and does believe, that the person is mentally ill and;
  • Due to that mental illness there is a substantial risk of imminent danger to themselves or others unless the person is immediately restrained and;
  • The officer believes there is not sufficient time to obtain a warrant before taking a person into custody.

Mental Health Consumer:  a person that is suffering from a mental illness and is in need of intervention to assist them in obtaining services.


The Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) consists of highly trained Sheriff’s Office law enforcement officers that provide crisis intervention assistance to the citizens of Williamson County.

The Crisis Intervention Team offers assistance to those suffering from emotional and psychological issues and assists them in obtaining the appropriate social service available to their specific need. The Crisis Intervention Team is also tasked with performing follow-up checks when deemed necessary.

The Crisis Intervention Team is structured to assist citizens by providing professional and immediate assistance in obtaining proper care and assistance.  Each member of the crisis team is licensed by the State of Texas with specific training in mental health, crisis intervention, first aid, CPR and are licensed Peace Officers with the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office. 

This service is offered to the citizens of Williamson County 24 hours a day.

Sheriff Chody and his staff are committed to the citizens of Williamson County. Their guidance and commitment to the Crisis Intervention Team brings this valued service to the community.

To Reach a Crisis Intervention Team Member

  • For Emergencies - Call 911 for assistance
  • For Non-Emergencies Monday - Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm - contact numbers or emails are:
  • Lt. Golmon
  • Division Commander Deaton  - 512-943-1624
  • For Non-Emergencies After Hours -  512-864-8282