How it Works

Each inmate may have visitation from family during approved visitation times, provided there is no court order prohibiting the visitation.  Attorney's visiting inmates may visit at any time (24/7), but will need to provide their bar card for admittance.  As soon as possible, inmates will be asked to complete an inmate visitation form to receive visits from persons who are not family.  They may identify up to 5 friends as visitors.  You will need to arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled visitation to check in.  You will need a current, valid, state issued ID to sign in.  Bring only your ID and keys, as they are the only items allowed into the jail.  Visits last 20 minutes.

Coming soon, we will offer optional video visitation as an included form of visitation.  Kiosks with the visitation cameras will be available in the facility or you may use your smart phoe or tablet device from the comfort of your home, or some other location, to visit your friend or family member incarcerated in our facility.  There will be an additional cost associated with this service.

Requirements for Visitation   

  • Visitors over the age of 18 must provide a current, valid state issued ID 
  • Attorney (must present bar card) or clergy may visit 24/7
  • Visitation schedule is subject to change

Guidelines for Visitation

  • Persons under the age of 14 must be accompanied by parent/guardian
  • Persons 15 -16 years old  must be accompanied by an adult
  • Visitors may bring in keys and ID ONLY
  • 2 visits per week, 1 per day, lasting 20 minutes

Williamson County Dress Code for Inmate Visitation

The Williamson County Sheriff's Office reserves the right to refuse visitation to any person they deem dressed inappropriately for the visitation of inmates.  The guidelines posted here and in the reception area of the jail will be used in determining if a person's dress is acceptable but will not be limited to the following:

  • No sleeveless shirts or blouses
  • No see through material
  • All undergarments must be covered
  • Shorts and skirts should reach at least mid-thigh
  • No clothing depicting/promoting gang affiliation or obscenties

Special Visits

  • Special visits may be facilitated for persons traveling in excess of two (2) hours of the jail facility
  • Contact visits are NEVER allowed
  • Requests for Special Visits should be submitted by i nmate 7 days prior to requested date.