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Williamson County Deputy Saves 5 Year Old From Potentially Drowning

  • 17 October 2017
  • Author: bawassink
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On Aug. 10 at approximately 9 p.m. Detective Albert Ortiz was dispatched to the Teravista Subdivision swimming pool in Round Rock for a possible drowning. When Det. Ortiz arrived on scene, he observed a 5-year-old girl lying on her back, she was responsive, but appeared as though she was having difficulty breathing. Det. Ortiz immediately observed that the child’s airway was being obstructed by vomit. At this point, Det. Ortiz instantly rolled the 5-year-old on her side and cleared the obstruction from her mouth. The child immediately vomited and the airway appeared to open up.

EMS arrived a couple minutes later, provided additional medical assistance and transported the child to St. David’s Hospital. The 5-year-old was release from the hospital the next day without any complications.

“Detective Ortiz’ actions are a great example of the type of Heroes we have at the SO. In addition, there are two citizen who left the scene who were instrumental in saving this young girl’s life. We would love to identify them”, said Sheriff Chody.

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