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Labor Day No Refusal Initiative

The Williamson County Sheriff’s Office (WCSO) will be conducting a No Refusal Initiative that will coincide with the upcoming Labor Day holiday. This initiative will be in effect from August 31 – September 2. This initiative is an effort to increase public awareness of the dangers of driving while intoxicated and to encourage drivers to make responsible decisions. The WCSO recognizes the hazards and crashes that are attributed to driving under the influence on roadways within the county on specific holidays such as Labor Day. WCSO is focused on reducing the number of alcohol-related crashes and incidents during the holiday.

WCSO makes arrest on organized retail thefts

Earlier this month, the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office began an investigation on a series of organized retail thefts. The investigation began after receiving a tip from H-E-B Loss Prevention. During the investigation, WCSO detectives were able to identify and link Christopher Lee Hill to fraudulent transactions conducted at four H-E-B locations in Williamson County. Hill used stolen credit and debit cards to purchase merchandise from H-E-B using the “H-E-B Go” phone application. The application is designed to pre-load full credit or debit card information. The customer, while shopping, can scan items as they pull them from shelves, then pay with the app and show the mobile receipt to the employee at the kiosk. Hill conducted a total of 102 fraudulent transactions totaling approximately $15,000.00. Twenty-five of the transactions have been disputed by account holders and charged back to H-E-B as fraudulent. On August 24, Hill was arrested and booked into the Williamson County Jail. Hill has been charged with Credit Card Abuse.

Joint-Child Abduction Rapid Deployment Team Development

In 2015, members of the FBI’s National Child Abduction Rapid Deployment (CARD) team began developing local child abduction teams modeled after the FBI’s CARD team. These JCARD teams are comprised of law enforcement officials from local, state, and federal agencies within a specific area of responsibility. These teams receive specialized training by members of the FBI CARD team and are utilized as a first responder for the national CARD team. These teams deploy at the request of the Chief or Sheriff to assist the respective agency, can be on scene in a short period of time, assist with command post operation, neighborhood, road block, and video canvasses, and providing guidance based on the Child Abduction Response Plan (CARP). They also provide the National CARD team real-time updates to determine if a full deployment is required. Formation of a JCARD team serves as a force multiplier and results in substantial cost savings for the requesting agency and the FBI. The Williamson County Sheriff’s Office is proud to announce that we, along with other agencies, have joined the FBI’s National Child Abduction Rapid Deployment team.

ICE 287(g) Steering Committee Meeting Notice

The first Immigration 287(G) Steering Committee meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, September 25, 2019, at the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Conference Room, 508 S. Rock Street, Georgetown, TX at 10 a.m. Those wishing to address the panel must contact Commander Watts at 512-943-1407 at least ten days before this meeting. Speakers will be limited to two minutes. The public is welcome to attend, but fire code limits do apply, and when reached, access will be limited. Rules for the meeting are as follows:

1. Doors will be opened at 9:50am and closed at 10:00am

2. No signs will be allowed into the building.

3. No outburst or offensive language will be tolerated.

4. No offensive language that is printed on shirts will not be tolerated.

WCSO Correctional Officer Arrested

On March 26, 2019, detectives with the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office received information from the Williamson County Corrections Division that Flournoy was introducing tobacco products into the jail and exchanging the products for cash with several inmates housed in the jail.

After an investigation conducted by the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office, Flournoy was arrested and booked into the Williamson County Jail.


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