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Hiring Process

*** Applicants must pass each step to be eligible to continue through the process***

Step 1:  Complete the Williamson County online application.

Step 2:  If you meet the minimum requirements you will be invited to schedule a testing date.

Step 3:  Complete the Personal History Statement (PHS) and bring it, with required documentation, to the physical and written testing day.

Step 4:  Physical test, 2000-meter row for Law Enforcement and 500-meter row for Corrections.  Applicants score will be based on age, sex and weight. Written test, applicants must score a 70 or above to pass.

Step 5:  Background investigation.

Step 6:  Oral Board

Step 7:  Interview with the Chief.

Step 8:  Drug Screen, medical evaluation and psychological evaluation. Law enforcement officers will be required to participate in a weapon qualification.