Occupational Driver License
Filing for an Occupational Driver License in Justice Court Precinct 3

What is an occupational license?
An occupational license is a special restricted license issued to persons whose license has been suspended or revoked for certain offenses. Texas Transportation Code Section 521.242; 37 Texas Administration Code 15.7.

Is the court order the occupational license?
No. This is the order granting the occupational license. The court order and all other required items must be submitted by you to the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) so an occupational license can be issued. Note: The Justice Court does not forward any documents to DPS. Contact DPS at: (512)424-2600 or visit their website: https://www.dps.texas.gov/DriverLicense/

The court order may be used temporarily as a license for 45 days from the date of the judge’s signature while DPS processes the occupational license.

Can I get a refund if the license is not granted?
No. The filing fee is $46.00 and is non-refundable.

To file for an Occupational Driver License you must:


Familiarize yourself with the requirements as set out in the Transportation Code Section 521.241 to 521.253. http://www.statutes.legis.state.tx.us/Search.aspx

  1. File a Petition with the Williamson County Justice Court. Click here for a online fillable petition.
  2. Obtain and file an SR-22 Certificate of Insurance. An Insurance Agent may assist you in obtaining the SR-22.
  3. Obtain and file a Certified Abstract of your Driving Record (AR). This can be requested from the following DPS website: http://www.txdps.state.tx.us/DriverLicense/
  4. Obtain and file a letter from your employer or a school certificate, if applicable.
  5. Print, fill out and file Order Granting Occupational License, MUST be completed by petitioner. Order Granting Occupational License
  6. Submit a copy of the suspension letter you received from DPS to the court, if applicable.
  7. After filing your Petition and all other required documentation, the Judge will review your petition. If approved, you will be notified when you may return to the court to pay for and receive certified copies of the Petition and Order for filing with DPS and for your records. The court will notify you the cost for copies.
  8. To file online, please visit https://efile.txcourts.gov/ofsweb to register, upload your documents and pay the $46.00 filing fee.

This procedure can be very complicated. It may be beneficial to employ an attorney to assist you. The Judge and respective staff are prohibited by law to assist you in the preparing of the application or procedural steps taken after the Judge signs the Order.