Williamson County Justice Center
395th Judicial District Court

405 Martin Luther King, Box 15
Georgetown, TX 78626
Office: (512) 943-1395
Fax: (512) 943-1187
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395th District Court Judge Ryan D. Larson

The Honorable Ryan D. Larson, Judge, 395th District Court, Texas.

Ryan D. Larson was sworn into office on April 4, 2016. Judge Larson launched and leads Williamson County’s first-ever Family Recovery Court, an alternative to the traditional processing of Child Protective Services cases involving substance abuse and mental health conditions. The Family Recovery Court applies an evidence-based, non-adversarial, collaborative approach and utilizes a multidisciplinary team. By coordinating local faith-based organizations, non-profits, and other community stakeholders, the Court builds Williamson County’s capacity to develop, implement and sustain the community’s own solutions to address needs within the child welfare system.

Prior to taking office, Judge Larson was an administrative law judge for the State of Texas, responsible for managing administrative law judges in energy and environmental matters, ensuring the quality of the issued orders, and maintaining the integrity of the hearings process. Prior to that, he served as an assistant attorney general and an attorney in private practice. As a litigator, he has been successful at every level of Texas courts, from trial courts, intermediate appellate courts, to the Texas Supreme Court.

Outside the courtroom, Judge Larson served as the judicial appointee to the legislatively created Prevention Advisory Task Force. The high-level task force was charged with making recommendations to the Texas Legislature on statewide child safety strategies that help prevent child abuse and neglect. This work involved working with leaders across the state to improve outcomes for the most vulnerable Texans.

Judge Larson is married with two beautiful children that greatly enrich his life. The family worships and serves at a local church.

Exhibits for Hearings and Trials

The 395th District Court is a paperless court and utilizes a portal for all exhibits.Exhibits should be named/marked appropriately and then uploaded into the portal for the benefit of the Court and court reporter.

Naming or Marking Exhibits

Each exhibit should be in a file of its own and marked sequentially using numbers.

The file name should contain three (3) things:Party presenting the exhibit, a number, and a very brief description.

Example:Petitioner’s Exhibit 1 – Spreadsheet-OR-Respondent’s Exhibit 1 – Photographs

Portal Link

The exhibit portal link for the 395th District Court is as follows: 


Presenting Exhibits

In addition to uploading exhibits into the exhibit portal, it is the expectation of the Court for the parties to have those same files/exhibits on a personal device, such as a laptop, from which you will bring to court and present your exhibits as you need to.  Aside from a power cord for your device, the court provides everything you need to plug your device into our user-friendly system and present your exhibits from your device onto our courtroom screens.

Parties are to share exhibits and confer with one another in advance of the court setting to see if there can be an agreement to the admission of any exhibits.This allows us to use our time in the courtroom efficiently. The admissibility of all exhibits coming into evidence are subject to the Texas Rules of Evidence.


If you have any questions regarding exhibits, you can contact the court reporter for the 395th District Court at [email protected].

Uncontested Docket for Civil Court

The uncontested docket for the 395th District Court will be held by submission until further order of the Court. These matters include agreed divorces and motions for default judgment. Parties may locate commonly used web-forms for assistance with agreed divorces under the Court’s “Documents” tab. Additional web-forms may be found at texaslawhelp.org. Parties must file all documents and orders they want the Court to consider with the District Clerk’s Office. For additional information, please contact the Court’s Administrator Kayla Marrou at [email protected].

Self-represented parties shall be prepared to follow all appropriate procedures and provide testimony without assistance from the Court. Any party not meeting these criteria will not be heard by the Court. All orders submitted for the Judge’s approval must be properly completed.